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Steve Jobs Spent Final Birthday With Rupert Murdoch

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  1. Interesting post Robert, really I have often pondered that about Murdoch/FOX at times. I am not sure if Murdoch is that maniacal, or even that smart to accomplish a Trojan-Horse conversion. I do agree though, that his commentary and actions over the years indicate that he more a Liberal then certainly a Christian Conservative, which in my narrow-minded world is the only True Conservative. His visit with Job’s is just one unorthodox Liberal meeting another–both super successful because they refused to tow the party line.

    My guess is what brought FOX to our living rooms is the money potential Murdoch saw in the massive untapped market for Conservative viewers was not being served by the other networks–easy to see now, but a daring and brilliant move really. (Like Jobs, whoda thunk you coulda shrunk a massive room-size computer into a little box for the common folk–yea right!) So Ruppert stepped into a realm of the unheard of–and won big.

    FOX has some good Conservative pieces in it…Sean Hannity. But so much else, even Bill O ( Who I enjoy), try to soften the Christian world-view as a “bit over-the -top”, they lose some traction with me and others, I am sure. Does this mean Murdoch has a hidden covert psych-ops converter plan, doubt it. He is just “balancing” as the Fox ‘pontificators’ love to say, and that no doubt comes right out of Rupert’s mouth.

  2. Thank you Ai for a wonderful look into Steve Jobs having Rupert Murdoch over for his last B-day. I love the humor Mr. Jobs put into this scenario about hiding the knives from his Liberal wife! Good stuff.

  3. Okay if you wrote this article you are the problem. Absolutely no doubt. You fancy yourself someone who does research do you? Take a look at all of Rupert Murdoch holdings. Curious to hear your reply after you do. Rupert Murdoch is a “LIFELONG LIBERAL”. So much so that his holdings in Australia were severely reduced after he attempted to meddle with politics with his holdings. Australia gave him the boot and when they did; (he still has holdings there but is nothing compared to what he once had) Rupert started his vast network here in America where my hero, Ronald Reagan, screwed up and changed the laws we had in place to protect us from such tierney. Now who is the second largest shareholder for fox news? How many publications did Murdoch personally demand support Obama’s candidacy? What did Murdoch personally say about Obama? If you don’t know these then you don’t know what the heck you are talking about. Fox news isn’t conservative. It isn’t fair and balanced. It’s Taqia! It’s a fort hood psychiatrist. Fox news is designed to capture the American Conservative and gently and slowly turn them moderate where they can be easily neutered. Murdoch isn’t conservative and anyone who thinks he is…you lost and he won. That was the whole idea!

    • Thank you Robert. Your post was a breath of fresh air. These are “facts” that not many seem to know.

      I don’t personally believe in you assertion that Murdoch has the agenda of “turning” conservtives, so much as I just think he was genius at developing the market, and making it try to “appear” balanced.

      Look what happened to Glenn Beck. He destroyed himself, because he just didn’t get the Murdoch technique. But notice that Murdoch had given him free rein, and protected him, to a degree.

      People like Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, Geraldo Rivera, and Juan Williams make me want to PUKE. I turn the TV off when I see their sorry faces. But I understand the business model that gives them a job, and forces the “conservatives” to play nice with them.