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0 thoughts on “Killer Poll Numbers

  1. J

    I’m usually a liberal and I don’t like the way Obama killed a citizen without a trial, frankly if Bush or Palin or McCain or even Hillary had done what he did, we’d all be outraged. Our handling of these situations is appalling and makes us hypocritical.

    The more I hear him compare himself to Reagan, and go along with modern republican economic policies that don’t work, the more I believe the democrats managed to elect a republican… and not the good kind of republican either!

    From Reagan on to todays president, I actually wish we could find a president like Nixon (aside from his paranoia) or Ford or Theodore Roosevelt. These are republicans that *I* would likely vote for.

  2. Corkie

    OMG! This toon is right on Tony! Obama is so in trouble with the polls that he and his “media” are doing all they can to try to get him re-elected! They think that killing terrorists will do it! Sad. While it’s great to kill the terrorists, Obama’s also killing America!
    Great work as usual Tony!

    1. Tony Branco

      Thank you Corkie…. I’m very concerned as to what he considers a terrorist… I’m not unhappy that the sheikh is gone but he was a U.S. citizen. I hope the lines don’t get to blurry there.