The National Government Lacks Direction and Purpose

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  • Obama is quintessentially inept; a blunderer par excellence.

    Barack Obama: Beyond Blunderdome.

    He has displayed an inability to work with either Democrats or Republicans in either the Hose or the Senate, and even Democratic party insiders have said that (in comparison to past Democratic presidets, I.e. Carter, Clinton) he rarely makes calls to members of Congress to try to aid in or lead in the crafting of legislation, or even to engage in arm-twisting.

    Obama seems to enjoy campaigning, not leading, and this POTUS cannot get by without TOTUS (teleprompter of the United States).

    Obama has shown an inability to please middle-of-the-road politicians, much less his base, and the crowds who show up at his rallies are thin compared to past times.

    Obama has not only lost his mojo, it has went into negative territory.

    The only people that Obama will not attempt to alieanate are those on K Street, or Wall Street:

    Obama supported TARP vigorously, and still does. Again, proof of supporting one of two groups that he won’t alieanate.

    I guess he intends on feasting on cash when tossed in 2012 by the voters.

    Beyond Blunderdome…

  • Anon…
    Every comment you put up reads like a pathetic Obama love-in. You don’t really evaluate any issues. You don’t really approach any issues with critical thinking. I praise this site for not blocking you, but as your comments are demonstrating nothing better than the rantings of a troll – I hope they change their mind(s) soon.

    You aren’t adding to the conversation – your just a nag.