The National Government Lacks Direction and Purpose

It will come as no surprise to anyone accustomed to my writings that I am absolutely and completely disgusted with President Obama.  I am inclined to sling a slurry of insult about his intellect, personality, character and policies.  But that would all be for naught, and only satisfy a momentary outrage at his total disrespect for America, the American people, and human dignity in general.

I am encouraging more and asking for more from you, ALL of the people.

Barack Obama, in a nutshell, has demonstrated he lacks respect for anyone or any cultural values, except himself.  He is a liar to the American people, because he thinks he is smarter, better, and morally superior to everyone.  He has a complete disdain for both house of the Congress, regardless of partisan affiliation.  He exhibits an absolute hatred for the Supreme Court.

In foreign affairs he has failed miserably.  He totally disrespect our traditional allies, believes he has the intelligence to manipulate our sworn enemies.  As Commander-in-Chief this dilettante of the ghetto mentality sees every American military personnel as his personal toy soldier…dispensible as the script on a teleprompter when a flash bulb goes off.  He carries no gravitas with ANY leader of  a foreign nation.  Our friends know he is unreliable, our enemies know he is irresponsible and shallow.

We should have recognized a year and a half (which I actually did in a blog) that Barack Obama was incapable of responding appropriately to international power plays.  On March 26, 2010 North Korea used a submarine torpedo to sink a South Korean naval ship, killing 46 sailors.  This action was standard procedure for North Korea.  After every US presidential election they showoff with some foolhardy stunt like that one.  It was all for the purpose of testing the resolve of a new US president to take serious action.  Obama failed miserably, because he is in way over his head.  Instead of properly conveying, as all previous presidents have done (including goofy Carter), that the USA would respond with strength Obama sat in the Rose Garden watermellon patch chewing on a piece of fried chicken.  He let the incident pass without response.

Why was that incident so important?  Because the world nutcases leaders have progressively acted out realizing the finally the USA had become a paper tiger led be a president whose only foreign relations experience is in Origami.  Hence, today we have Israel surrounded by bands of cutthroat Arabian Gypsies.  Those same crazy men in women’s dresses keep building nuclear facilities, threatening to enter US waters with warships, and attempting high level assassinations within our borders.

President Barack Obama is not only incapable of comprehending his job, but he compounds that weakness with abject incompetence.

A bigger problem exists than a fool in the driver’s seat of foreign affairs.  That problem is a partisan Congress which is also incapable controlling the throttle of this train wreck of a presidency.  Every major department of the executive branch lacks realistic leadership.  Everyone of them.  Congress has a serious role in assuring these departments function in the best interest of the nation.  They flunk.

Congress should take the president as a serious threat to our national security.  They have failed, even the conservatives Tea Party members.

It is time.  RIGHT NOW!  It is time for the people to begin affecting the president since Congress is refusing to step up to their duty.  It is time for the people to affect a Congress that is so steeped in partisanship they are incapable of rational decision making.


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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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One Comment

  1. Obama is quintessentially inept; a blunderer par excellence.

    Barack Obama: Beyond Blunderdome.

    He has displayed an inability to work with either Democrats or Republicans in either the Hose or the Senate, and even Democratic party insiders have said that (in comparison to past Democratic presidets, I.e. Carter, Clinton) he rarely makes calls to members of Congress to try to aid in or lead in the crafting of legislation, or even to engage in arm-twisting.

    Obama seems to enjoy campaigning, not leading, and this POTUS cannot get by without TOTUS (teleprompter of the United States).

    Obama has shown an inability to please middle-of-the-road politicians, much less his base, and the crowds who show up at his rallies are thin compared to past times.

    Obama has not only lost his mojo, it has went into negative territory.

    The only people that Obama will not attempt to alieanate are those on K Street, or Wall Street:

    Obama supported TARP vigorously, and still does. Again, proof of supporting one of two groups that he won’t alieanate.

    I guess he intends on feasting on cash when tossed in 2012 by the voters.

    Beyond Blunderdome…

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