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The Cult of Excuse

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  1. Well, thought out, easy to follow, exceptional piece. Well put, Well done.

    • I agree with fletch. This is a brilliant piece.

      Ironically, it isn’t new. I recall several lawsuits in decades past where victimizers sued the victims for injuries sustained while committing felonies. While some of these reported cases never make it to court, there have been several that have. In one instance a man burglarizing a California school fell through the skylight and was awarded $260,000 for injuries plus $1200 per month for the rest of his life. That story checks as fact.

      The three hikers should have stayed in Iran. They remind me of Jane Fonda’s visit to North Vietnam. All of which haven’t a clue about tyrannical governments.

      These same groups blamed the U.S. for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Some of these conspiracy theories are very similar to 9/11, and they were being discussed back then. The only difference is they had no internet to make the conspiracies viral.

      Along these same lines, democrats love to bring up race every time spending cuts are addressed. They bring up the race card whenever anyone fundamentally opposes the Obama administration based on ideology. They have no problem labeling conservative minorities as Oreo’s, or other degrading terms, in order to make a true point that for most minorities, they have been bought and paid for by democrat government programs. No different from Gilded Age politics, when jobs were handed out in exchange for voter loyalty. It is ironic that blacks, of all minority groups, would subject themselves to this form of abject slavery, that they would seek “government” as the path to individual freedom.