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3 thoughts on “In the defense of our republic

  1. D. Ray Varner

    I have just one question for Mr. Warren Beatty.

    How often do you plagerize and steal other people’s work?

    I am the author of the above piece “In the Defence of Our Republic” and you have until 1700 hrs. 15 January 2013 to remove your name from this article and replace my name or you can expect legal recourse.


    D. Ray Varner

    1. D. Ray Varner

      This comment I made to Mr. Warren Beatty was a very unfortunate misunderstanding on my part. This article that I wrote was in fact inadvertantly attributed to Mr. Beatty by some means other than his. I am sure it was just an accident and I have written to Mr. Beatty and offered him my sincerest of apologies. Unfortunately, deleting the comment myself is not a function offered once it has been submitted. Therefore, I ask any future readers to please disregard the above comment. Thank you.

  2. Max

    “We should begin to explore the idea of closing the majority of our overseas military installations and utilizing those troops to secure our national borders. After all, we no longer subscribe to the long held, antiquated notion that “the Russians are coming “.

    If we abandon our security blanket overseas, it won’t be just the Russians coming. And the Chinese, and North Korea, and Iran, and every Hugo dictator who would fill the “void.”

    Like it or not, a strong American military presence overseas has prevented WW III, has prevented another WW II scenario, and is absolutely critical in maintaining military alliances strong.

    Sure, bring the troops home. Encircle our borders with a Marine / Army human wall. Meanwhile, we can sit back and watch a global arms race like no other…. racing to the point of mutual destruction. But hell, at least those “stinking mexicans” will be somewhere south of our border.

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