In the defense of our republic

Within our beloved nation today, we find ourselves under attack. When the adversary is well defined and approaching from across the battlefield, ultimate success is sought and found. One of the greatest threats to our security as a free and sovereign republic, at this moment, is illegal immigration.

We have an administration currently out of control with spending, high unemployment and consistently advancing a progressive socialist agenda. It should come as no surprise they lack the resolve to secure our borders, as much as they lack the ability to govern.

If we are serious about the problem of illegal immigration, then, we must be equally serious in obtaining a solution. We should begin to explore the idea of closing the majority of our overseas military installations and utilizing those troops to secure our national borders. After all, we no longer subscribe to the long held, antiquated notion that “the Russians are coming “. Is it not the primary objective of our military to defend and secure our nation and our way of life? There is no greater threat to our security as a nation today, then, that of illegal immigration. For the past sixty years we have been guarding our neighbor’s homes, while leaving the back-door open to our own house. Clearly, now is the time to shut that door completely and lock it.

Our current projected budget for defense spending in 2012 is $1.030-$1.415 trillion. This is primarily comprised of $707.5 billion for military bases and overseas contingency operations. This budget provides an additional $46.9 billion for the Department of Homeland Security. An agency of the federal government that is completely ineffective in it’s management of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol division since taking it over in March, 2003. The DHS has closely aligned itself politically within the current White House administration and has a proven record of incompetence when dealing with the border and illegal immigration. It was soon after the DHS took over the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agency when this nation began to see the greatest influx in illegal immigration in our nation’s history.

We currently have 767 overseas military installations in 63 countries with additional U.S. military deployments in 90 other countries. Most of these military bases are remnants of a “cold-war” era, long gone, and simply are not needed. It is time these nations step up to the plate and defend themselves. Some of these military installations in strategic locations could be retained by us with a rapid-reactionary force, where deemed necessary.

That which we have to gain by re-assigning our troops on our southern border is tremendous. The greatest gain would be a reduction in lives lost or wounded on foreign soil. Another benefit would be our increased security from future terrorist attacks due to an increased ability to apprehend terrorists at the border, prior to entry. We would also save approximately $700 billion annually from the allocation of funds towards overseas operations. This money could be re-allocated by congress to go directly towards our national debt. Just think of the economic boom from the revenue generated in the border towns and states where our service members would be deployed. There would also be a reduction in the strain currently placed on our health care and education systems by eliminating the free health care and education being provided to illegal immigrants and their children. The unemployment rate would also begin to come down as Americans began to fill the positions currently being held by illegal immigrants. There would also be a reduction in the crime rate and a decrease in the population of our jails and prisons which are currently beyond capacity. All of the benefits mentioned and the numerous other benefits, not mentioned, would greatly lower our tax burden. That means, more of your money will remain in your pocket. Not their’s.

Imagine, for just a moment…a group of illegal immigrants making their way through Mexico and approaching the border. They pass over the final ridge and are just about to cross over the Rio-Grand river, into the United States, when they look across and see…25,000 Marines armed with M16A2’s and 50 cal’s…just waiting, in the defense of our republic.

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  1. “We should begin to explore the idea of closing the majority of our overseas military installations and utilizing those troops to secure our national borders. After all, we no longer subscribe to the long held, antiquated notion that “the Russians are coming “.

    If we abandon our security blanket overseas, it won’t be just the Russians coming. And the Chinese, and North Korea, and Iran, and every Hugo dictator who would fill the “void.”

    Like it or not, a strong American military presence overseas has prevented WW III, has prevented another WW II scenario, and is absolutely critical in maintaining military alliances strong.

    Sure, bring the troops home. Encircle our borders with a Marine / Army human wall. Meanwhile, we can sit back and watch a global arms race like no other…. racing to the point of mutual destruction. But hell, at least those “stinking mexicans” will be somewhere south of our border.

  2. I have just one question for Mr. Warren Beatty.

    How often do you plagerize and steal other people’s work?

    I am the author of the above piece “In the Defence of Our Republic” and you have until 1700 hrs. 15 January 2013 to remove your name from this article and replace my name or you can expect legal recourse.


    D. Ray Varner

    1. This comment I made to Mr. Warren Beatty was a very unfortunate misunderstanding on my part. This article that I wrote was in fact inadvertantly attributed to Mr. Beatty by some means other than his. I am sure it was just an accident and I have written to Mr. Beatty and offered him my sincerest of apologies. Unfortunately, deleting the comment myself is not a function offered once it has been submitted. Therefore, I ask any future readers to please disregard the above comment. Thank you.

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