The Cowboy Rides In

By | August 14, 2011

Well it’s official, Rick Perry is making the run for president in 2012. Not everyone is thrilled about Perry entering the race, especially liberals. There are some in the Conservative/Republican camps that aren’t real happy with the decision either. Why might so many people be nervous? Let’s take a look at a few reasons they may be nervous.

The great state of Texas (I know, I’m a little partial about my home) has been adding more jobs throughout the economic troubles than many of the states combined. Why has Texas faired so well compared to other states? Could it be that Texas is so much more business friendly than most states?

Recently Andy Puzder, the CEO of Hardees restaurant said due to hostile regulations in California it takes six months to two years to attain permits to build a new restaurant, where it takes six weeks in Texas. Less regulations and lower taxes are just a couple of reasons for companies to move to Texas.

On the personal side there isn’t an income tax in Texas. So the only one dipping into your paycheck is the federal government. Another plus is no tax on most groceries so you can keep a few more things in the pantry. And what can I say about the natural beauty that abounds in Texas (again, I’m a little partial).

Rick Perry has been the governor of  Texas since George W. Bush decided to run for President. Perry is not in the position of taking credit for something left by his predecessor. Perry has been in office long enough that he can say the reason the state of Texas has done so well in the economic downturn is because of his leadership.

Perry is a firm believer in the Second Amendment. He is even known to pack heat himself. In 2010, while out for a jog, Perry shot a coyote when it tried to attack his daughter’s Labrador retriever.

Perry is not perfect, but of all of the hats in the ring right now, I think this cowboy is the best bet.


For those of you that own firearms, train hard and well and teach those that do not know how.
Be good stewards of the right to bear arms, for we are the last line of defense against tyranny.
-Benjamin Wallace

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  1. Pamela Kafir Farm

    Rick Perry is a bit too chummy with Ismaili Shi’ite Moslems…his site has removed this link CONVENIENTLY..:)

    He seems to want to put ISLAM into PUBLIC schools….dig deeper into PERRY please..
    His Highness the Aga Khan and Governor Rick Perry sign an agreement between the Ismaili Imamat and t

    In case these are not proof enough..from the GOV website itself…
    Office of the Governor Rick Perry – [Press Release] University of Texas and Aga Khan University Esta