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“As the Government Turns”

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  1. To pay back all the money that Obama and the Democrats have placed upon us to pay that is unconstitutional would be like as if you have a mortgage and you get a letter from your banker, and in the letter it says, “We spend all this money on things our Charter says we’re not to spend money on. But since we don’t really care we’re sticking you with the bill. You will have five thousand dollars put onto what you pay every month in order to pay this money back.” What would you do? Pay that back like the banks spending mistakes were your responsiblity to pay for? And then next year you get another letter that says the bank is adding even more money to your mortgage. And the reason why they are putting their debt on your mortgage is because you owe that money anyway, so why not owe somemore on top of it. You’ll either pay it or we’ll take your house away from you and you’ll be homeless. Want that to happen to you and your family? Of course not. So you continue to pay it no matter how bad it hurts. And the bank knows you’re not going to put yourself out on the street and watch your family starve to death, and they’d be all out in the rain and stuff, cold, hot. So the bank knows you’re not going to do that to yourself and that you’d pay whatever they tell you to pay. They’ve got you over a barrel.

    So what’s the difference between that and what Obama and the Democrats have been doing to America for the past 50+ years?

    • WilloFLa,
      As I agree with most of your analysis, not the banker comparison. We vote these representatives into office and they do not get an out… They are responsible to fix things and the “usual business in Washington” is not a good excuse. Or the “live to fight another day” because then they wear the RINO label proudly.

      There is fascism happening but not quite to the extent that politicians get a pass.

  2. Yeah, yeah, I know. We have a (then) 55 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities that need to be addressed. You know what I suggest? Default on every dime that is not Constitutional. We don’t owe that money anyway according to the Constitution. Any monies that go beyond what the Constitution calls unlawful does not need to be considered as money owed to the government. If you call those things “unfunded” then the reason why is because the money either wasn’t taken out of the budget for whatever reason, or it was unconstitutional and couldn’t be paid, so it wasn’t. And you know that probably every one of those spending bills were Democrat bills and were probably unconstitutional anyway. So we don’t need to worry about paying for any of those things because they are unlawful and the Constitution says we don’t owe any money that is unlawful. So wipe them off the slate as not needing to be paid.

    Because if we paid those unfunded accounts just think of all the money that would be taken from the private sector, the “economy” that we are told that we are responsible for paying. No. We’re not responsible for any dime that is beyond what is Constitutioinal. Anything that was written outside the Constitutional law is not owed. Check it for yourself. It’s called “Natural Law”. The very basis of our Constitution.

  3. Bush left a 468 billion dollar deficit when he left office. He had spent around 1.3 trillion dollars. If that’s all that was needed to roll back the spending and the deficit so that Obama and the Democrats could start with a blank slate, why didn’t they just borrow the 1.3 trillion and then spit up the cost between all departments as cuts to their budget requests for the year, and that would have taken care of it. Then they could have turned around and cut taxes an additional 350 billon dollars added to the Bush tax cuts, and in less than a year they would have had a balanced budget plus some. We would have been in the Black in less than two years and Obama would have been a hero!

    But noooooo. Instead he comes out and says that it will take, “It will take trillions as far as the eye can see to solve America’s problems.” Really ? Really? So, if the candidates want to have something to blame Obama for, and believe me there is alot more than just not doing what I suggested here to blame Obama for this coming Presidential election cycle, they can use any part of anything that has NOT happened to show that Obama cannot do the job of running this country.

    Hell, what am I talking about? All ANYONE has to do is tell the truth and then get any Democrat to defend what they did when they knew it would make things worse to be able to defeat them. And here it is less than thirteen months left before the election and we don’t have anyone who can represent us as a decent Presidential candidate we can/could vote for. You notice I put in that qualifier, “can/could” as a out in case we end up with Romney as our candidate. Oh God almighty, please help us!!!