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Obama Sides With Communists / Turns Back on UK in Falklands Issue

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  1. do you really know something about the world you’re living in? you are a lunatic!!!

  2. “There is a South and Central American pattern emerging and it is not good for America.” (Daniel)

    Daniel, excellent article. The tragedy is you could insert “Hamas,” “Castro,” “Calderon,” “Chavez,” etc. into your article in describing similar global outcomes. Never before in the History of America has a sitting President destabilized the globe in the manner in which BHO has. It is very troubling. The entire Mideast is on the verge of collapse, its phoenix will possess a nuclear arsenal and vile hatred of Israel and any U.S. policy that interferes with their goal.

    It was tragic to hear Obama throw Israel under the bus. But the fact that he would compare the American revolution to palestinian terrorist is appalling for us all.

    Good article. I’ll be checking in from time to time.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here at CDN. When doing research for this article, it kept nagging me as to why in the world Hillary and Barack would do this.. until I discovered the big oil deposit discovery. As my Grandfather taught me, there is a reason behind everything and it isn’t always the first one you see that is the real one.We are in real danger here if we don’t take the Senate in 2012 with a supermajority that can over-ride Obamas vetoes when we start knocking down his anti-American policies.That assumes he buys and steals the 2012 election, or the GOP helps him do it buy trying to force a progressive on us. If we take the White House it won’t mean much without strong control of the Senate and House. We have our work cut out for us for sure!

  4. We better get rid of BHO an HC asap before USA join with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and latest Brazil, as the RED AMERICAS

    • Thanks for checking in here at CDN and sharing your thoughts, both of you. I spoke to a family from Brazil during research for this article. The wife had just come back from 6 months there. While they both knew that Brazil is now the 6th or 7 th laregest economy in the world, and they knew Rousseff was a Marxist Geurrila at one time, they mainly look at her as powerless to inject Socialism/Communism into Brazil mainly because they say they have too many powerful Gernerals in the Army there that really prevent the new Marxist Pres. from doing too much. Boy , how I wanted to say America thought our constitution would protect us from the likes of BHO too, and that didnt work out so well today. Brazil is very ripe for stealth Socialism and Communism today IMO. Roussseff just might be quietly appointing her OWN Generals into the Army. Her and Obama are two peas in a pod, no mistake about that, and it wouldnt surprise me one bit if he wasnt over there giving her tips on how to bypass their constitution to inject Socialism and big government take over of everything through over-regulation, just like he is doing here! Brazil didnt get hurt by the recession, simply because their people do not buy big things on credit, to hear these two Brazilians tell it. Instead of borrowing money, they are lending it today. They are what has to be considered a pretty rich country today, and anyone not seeing how Marxists throughout history have always been quick to identify those types of countries and went after them to take over their bulging economies and further their wealth redistribution schemes is just not in touch with reality, IMHO.