Jack Welch: There’s Some Buyers Remorse Over Obama Selection

By | June 9, 2011

Jack Welch was talking with CNN’s Piers Morgan last night and made a shocking pronouncement saying, “I almost dropped dead. This guy would never support Tim Pawlenty in his life. He’s a Democrat. He’s going to have a fundraiser for him.”

Why would a Democrat have a fund raiser for Tim Pawlenty? Pawlenty isn’t a liberal. Pawlenty isn’t even moderate. According to Jack Welch, it’s because many in the financial industry that helped get Obama elected in 2008, are having second thoughts.

There’s some buyer’s remorse on the Wall Street crowd over the Obama selection, whether you want to buy that or not. There is some buyer’s remorse.

Seeing what the Obama administration is doing to American businesses and jobs, it’s no wonder that someone that pays attention to the fundamentals of companies is realizing that Obama’s ideology is extreme, dangerous and at a minimum, harming the economy.

All of this came out while Welch was being asked who he might support for President in 2012. Video available here.


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