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4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Blago

  1. Skittles

    I can’t help but wonder on some things in this case that just don’t add up. Why was the FBI listening to him? They sure didn’t do it with Obama.

    Personally I have some reasonable doubt and I would like to look at the evidence and just see how it could corroberate. I am into forensics, crime solving, and things like that so I believe a bipartisain look on our parts can make sure and if he is innocent then he is innocent or if he is guilty then he is guilty.

    Its also a good idea to look for things he did long before all this and see if a motive for framing or lack there of.

    1. Max

      Good point, Skittles. What tipped the FBI in the first place? Sounds like democrat trickery to destroy one of their own (apparently he wasn’t Obama-enough)

      1. Skittles

        Happens all the time even now. The only jobs Obama has created are jobs to his best contributers (Goldman Sachs being the biggest) if they support him in a loyal fashion then they get high paying jobs with more benifits then most these days. Plus the fact he has given wavers to select establishments to exempt from ObamaCare.

        Those that don’t agree with him or at least pretend to get put on a list.

        He is suprisingly not the first and certainly not the last to do this.

        Blago is possibly one of those people. The way to really know is the first step of following the paper/ money trail.

  2. JimQ

    Only the tip of the iceberg.

    America needs a change of heart all together. Our poor leaders are a symptom of our own failings.

    Time for change, real change.

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