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The Naked Truth

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  1. Gives me a chuckle everyday! Thank you for your insite Tony!

  2. Thank you for your insite Tony! Gives me a chuckle everyday!

  3. This is great, hard to get away from the truth

  4. Tony, Woo-hoo! Look at you!
    It is wonderful to see your excellent work on this new site. Keep up the good battle! I wish you all the success in the world – well, if “the Donald” or the won’t be too jealous, or Barry O too upset by it… 😉

  5. Another toon right on the money and it is good to see another conservative site picking up on your great work Tony!

  6. Love it! You are always spot on. So glad that you have another outlet to be published. 🙂 Your art work shoudl be shared. 🙂

  7. This is a great one! So happy to see you being published, you’re great at what you do and I’ve enjoyed my daily emails from you!

  8. Tony,
    Happy to see that your work is being published!

  9. Antonio, looks like a great site. Thanks for letting me know about it. And keep up the great work!