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Leaderless in Libya: The Propaganda Behind It

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  1. Air support is dangerous and much less effective without a trained American with some high-tech communications/positioning gear. Two more of these, and we’ll just integrate American military into each band of rebels. Then we’ll have some direct action forces. Then we’ll put troops on the ground to protect certain high value targets. Then…

    • Hi Tim,

      Thus the dangers of engaging in a military action without defining the end goals first. Remember the Chosen one telling America that we are not at war with Libya ? This war was planned and there is an agenda behind it, and the American people are being kept in the dark… still. So much for honest and open government.

  2. Several sites have ran pieces describing Johnson as another Rand Paul… except he is on drugs.(lies) Johnson writes for Huffington post, a Liberal rag that promotes constant GOP bashing…. yet lets Johnson write for them. Andrew Breitbart fell for this same trap and Huffpo let him write 2 articles, then joined in their very own leftist bloggers bashing of Breitbart and embarrassingly kicked him to the curb. This was a set-up.

    As far as Johnson and Democrats go, I believe they want him to gain some mediocre support to try to cause a bigger divide within the GOP and Teaparty- thus Huffpo lets him write on there. Serious Democratic operatives have to love what they see in Johnson’s stance of legalizing all drugs even Heroin, and his anti-war stance no matter the situation. The Democratic Party of today is nothing like the true champions for the poor people they were decades ago, therefor, I sure as hell can’t say one way or another what they are up to in regards with Johnson. He writes for the Huffpo liberal rag, period. Huffington is now giving him a platform on there for stated no reason, but she gets her marching orders daily from the DNC/-Obama team, that much is obvious.
    After seeing Johnson’s new campaign website, I have to also say that he doesn’t look too serious in thinking he actually has a chance to win the GOP nomination. Third Party bid, like Ron Paul? Sure but under what party? The Huffpo sponsored USSA Party? (United Socialist States of America) I was hoping he would have gotten off the free dope for addicts paid for by the taxpayers jag, and the total anti-war stance. War is an essential evil in keeping America free from Socialist indoctrination and Communist Dictators promoting attacks from other countries.No candidate is perfect. Johnson’s biggest flaws prevent him from being a serious candidate, IMO, and now that the leftist rag vHuffpo is featuring his writing, his chances within the GOP just went down considerably, especially Independent voters knowledgable about the Huffington Post DNC/ Liberal promotion.

  3. RE: Gary Johnson article from back in February. What tangible signs do you see coming from Democrats about Johnson. The only thing I can think of is a syndicated article that keeps poping up in random small local newspapers.

  4. Wonder where Cindy Sheehan and her pals are along with the Code Pink “ladies”. I don’t see any of them out there protesting like they did when Bush was in office. This shows right here that the way they acted towards Bush was out of nothing but sheer hate and him not being a liberal democrat.

    • Hi Carol,

      Code Pink is a leftist group serving at the behest of the Liberal Democrats, so don’t expect any integrity from that bunch of misguided misfits and hypocrites.