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Florida Moves to Stop *Creeping Sharia Law*

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  1. CAIR should take the hint. American’s reject Sharia Law as incompatible with our culture and legal system. The fundamental rights of free speech, equity before the law regardless of sex, race or religion, one wife per husband, and freedom to choose one’s own religion or no religion, are all incompatible with Sharia.

    Kansas just passed their version of American Laws for American Courts and CAIR has mounted a publicity campaign to try and keep the Governor from signing.

    Who is CAIR? Muslim Brotherhood and only one of a list of un-indicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorism funding trial in American history! They sued to shed that status but a Federal Judge said no!

  2. Just Food for Thought:
    Sharia in the Blogosphere – http://libraryofrhetoric.org/lor/?p=1263

  3. Just tell them this is the USA and if they don’r like it get OUT.

  4. Good for you Senator Hays for standing up to these people. Their goal is to come in here and take over State by State with Sharia Law & if they ever succeed we will be like Europe where they bully everyone around who disagrees with them. They have a lot of nerve to even want to change our laws here that have worked for the rest of us perfectly fine. Apparently they believe they should have “special” privileges and be treated differently.