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Budgetary Gimmicks – We’re Only Fooling Ourselves

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  1. Here is a great example of true Life Cycle budgeting being done right now in Texas. This is also being led by TeaParty conservatives and solid Republicans.


  2. Where was all your concern about the budget when bush and the gop congress took a yearly budget surplus and turned it into a trillion dollar per year deficit? bush added 5 trillion to our national debt and there was another 2 trillion surprise after he left office because the cost of his wars was “off the books”.

    • Geez Tom, I dont recall seeing any blame there in this article, guess you should read the title again. I also didnt think Bush was running any states today. Yes State and Federal budget gimmicks are being discussed here. Looks like we have a troll here,folks.
      Regardless, Debt school is in today just for Tom here.

      Lets take a look at your stated “Trillion dollar Bush” budget deficits shall we? I keep just such records right on hand here. TOTAL National debt was 5.7. Trillion in 2001, then totaldebt was 8.4T at end of 2006. That is 2.7 trillion dollars of total debt for GWB first 6 years in office. Enter Democrat Party controlled Congress,2007- I am sure you understand that no President is control of the purse, it is done in the House and has to be approved by our Senate. GWB did sign 32 vetos against the Dem spending , which most were over-ridden in Dem Congress, which puts 2007-2010 spending directly on the shoulders of your Liberal Democratic party of the last 4 years. So lets see if your fake statement holds any water here. 2007-2010 went from 8.4 Trillion to over 14 trillion.That puts your Liberal fake Democrats directly responsible for 5.5 trillion in debt in 4 years. GWB first 6 years total is 2.7 T. How does that equate to over 1T a year with your idea of math there? GWB 6 years- 2.7T– Liberal budget gimmick masters and reality deiniers- 5.5T dollars of debt in 4 years.

      Let me know if you require further math lessons and/or another reality check, I am always happy to expose liberal fairy tales such as yours here.

      By the way I am a registered independant.There was no Repub vs Democrat discussion here… until you invited it. I am also way too educated to let you try to pass on that sorry excuse for math on my watch. Also if you are so concerned with the cost of the wars, maybe you should call up your Messiah and ask him to end them,and while you are at it, ask him why GITMO is still open too. Promises are very easy to make, when begging to be elected, yet keeping them is a whole different ballgame.

      2010 was just the start- 2012 will be phase 2 of restoring America through the Conservative American voters.

    • Forgot to let you know Tom, the wars are still off the books, after 4 years of Dem total control of Congress. Since Liberal fake Social Justice fraudsters and math experts refused to stop the wars we should add that to the 5.5T dollars of debt they have rung up in the last 4 years. Fair is fair.

    • Many Conservatives were quite outraged at the spending that took place in the Bush and Clinton years. What you seem to have missed is that this article was written in 2011.

      Tom, your position is silly. You are basically saying that the author should not have written this article simply because he didn’t write exactly the same article several years ago. Wow, just wow.

      2012 is gonna be fun if “Blame Bush” and “Blame Palin” are the only real arguments that come to light from the left.

      • Ranger is correct that many Conservatives were and still are outraged at GWB. The reasons vary across the spectrum. This article is calling for transparent life-cycle budgeting in all phases of gov’t to inject some reality into State and Federal spending projects.
        Tom here seems to not have a decent level of reading comprehension. The author states:
        “Our Federal and State governments today way too often try to score political points instead of trying to get more bang for the Taxpayer’s buck. This has been going on for decades with no end in sight”

        Decades . Did you catch that? Finding solutions to permanently fixing our financial crisis includes avoiding the mistakes that got us to this point, regardless of Party politics.
        This is also a direct result of having manufactured politicians who have no real world experience in anything, injected into our Gov’t to further someone’s agenda. People who can’t balance a checkbook, run a business, or lack the vision to understand that buget gimmicks create fiscal chaos, shouldn’t be deciding how our tax dollars are spent. That kind of ignorance at the voting polls is how we get things like running our Government in 2010 with no set budget resolution. It is the job of the House Speaker to make sure our gov’t has a budget. Anyone wanting to discuss why we didnt have a budget in 2010, and the gov’t irresponsibly ran on a blank check should ask Nancy Pelosi. One thing you can take to the bank in 2011, is that the new House Majority will do what it is paid to do, and create a budget. The days of the blank checks and no limit credit cards of the US Gov’t died with the elections of 2010.

        A 5 year old can run a lemonade stand without any proper budgeting experience, because Mom and Dad are footing the bill. As the child gets older, they learn proper life-cycle budgeting by secenarios like when buying a car as explained above. They learn that tires , gas and proper maintenance are required or they lose their investment value. For the past 4 years our federal Government has been operating like 5 year old kids on steroids and the people footing the bill( the taxpayer) have had enough. Being able to properly budget taxpayer funded programs is needed to help reduce our national debt. After all that is what we pay elected officials to do. That is their job. If they can’t, or won’t do their job, they get fired, just like in the real world. See 2010.

  3. I agree with you here Carol, except that I feel it has already caught up with some States, such as Calif and Illinois, who just raised their State taxes 66%. Instead of doing some serious long-term budgeting and planning, they just decide to take more money from the working people.This June, we will really see some problems as States run out of Fed Stimulus dollars then. It will get nasty when they can’t pay all those big Union pensions they have been promising Union members for decades.

  4. If we don’t get things in order and spending under control we are going to collapse sooner rather than later. We can’t keep spending and spending, it’s going to catch up with us.

  5. We have Cities asking how to declre bankruptcy today. We have States billions of dollars in the red with no viable plans for long term recovery. Proper life-cycle budgeting must be implemented, along with cutting back on the size and scope of State and Federal governments. Why can’t elected officials understand this common sense concept?