Sunday Rounds

By | August 15, 2010

Sunday Rounds

Making the rounds through numerous news sources one theme popped out: Obama is planning a back door approach to getting his extreme agenda implemented even once the overwhelming majority in Congress is lost.  Of course, a few other random bits thrown in as well.

At there is a post that describes a back-door approach to cap-and-trade.

President Obama is insisting on changing the tax laws so the IRS can collect double the income tax on energy producers. His budget plan, if approved, would essentially give foreign oil and natural gas companies – like BP – an advantage over domestic companies because they would pay less in income taxes.

At we learn that the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management is scarfing up public land by naming them monuments.

..having the president pull an end run around Congress by unilaterally naming areas as national monuments “should the legislative process not prove fruitful” and to use the agency’s internal land-use planning process to accomplish the bureau’s goals for managing “conservation values” when those other two efforts fail.

As the rounds continued, I find Ariana Huffington suddenly concerned about the deficit, but she clearly doesn’t get it at all.

Turns out the Republicans were against raising the deficit until they were for it — at least when it comes to extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans .. This reveals a total lack of understanding about how jobs are — and aren’t — created. Hint: it has nothing to do with the personal tax rate of the people running the business. It has everything to do with demand — from consumers, advertisers, government contracts, etc.

Sure, because the wealthy are the ones that actually invest, taking more from them will magically cause investment, jobs and therefor demand?

The talking heads have been hyping this the weekend’s movie releases as the battle of the sexes, well.. the battle is over – Guys take round one as, “`Expendables’ Tops `Eat Pray Love’ at Weekend Box Office With $35 Million

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