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More than two-thirds say National Do Not Call Registry ineffective


Traditional screening tactics aren’t working against the robocall invasion Progress in the fight to block robocalls has been slow or non-existent, a new survey finds. Approximately half of consumers who signed up for the National Do Not Call Registry (49%) say they receive the same number of robocalls, and 19% say they receive more robocalls since signing up. The findings come from a ...

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Monthly Robocall Volumes Surpass 4 Billion Mark for First Time Ever in May


For the first time ever, Americans were hit by more than 4 billion robocalls in a single month during May, crossing a new threshold for the nation’s robocalling dilemma and marking the third straight month that consumers have endured a record-setting pace for robocalls. The 4.06 billion robocalls received in May marked a 55% increase in calling volumes over May ...

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