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Americans Received Over 3.9 Billion Robocalls in April

In April, Americans received over 3.9 billion robocalls, keeping 2022 on pace to hit 48 billion robocalls for the full year, averaging roughly 4 billion robocalls a month. This monthly call volume marked a 9.7% decrease from March. Because April has one fewer day than March, robocalls were actually down 6.7% on a daily basis. Specifically, April averaged 131.4m calls/day and 1,521 calls/second, compared to 140.8 million calls/day and 1,630 calls/second in March.

Robocall volumes have fallen below the 5.7 billion robocalls/month pre-COVID peak from October 2019.
Robocall volumes have fallen below the 5.7 billion robocalls/month pre-COVID peak from October 2019.

“It’s always nice to see a month with lower robocall volume, but we’ve seen that before, only to be followed by spikes in call traffic,” said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. “We’re on pace for at most a small decline from last year’s robocall volume, despite the rollout of STIR/SHAKEN.”

These latest figures are provided by YouMail, a totally free robocall blocking app and call protection service for mobile phones. These figures are determined by extrapolating from the robocall traffic attempting to get through to YouMail’s millions of active users.

Most Unwanted Robocall in April

April’s most unwanted robocall campaign is estimated to have been the source of tens of millions of robocalls from tens of thousands of different numbers. The callers are selling what appears to be an extended warranty or service contract. As in this example, callers appear to be violating a variety of telemarketing regulations. At a minimum, as they do not identify themselves, do not provide a call back number, and further appear to be calling people who did not give prior consent. Here is the call transcript:   

Hi, this is Mark with an important message about your automobile service contract.  It seems like the time to renew or extend your service contract has expired or will be expiring shortly. If you would like to keep coverage or to extend it, press eight to speak to a customer service agent and go over options for us. Press the number nine if you are declining coverage or wish not to be reminded again.

Most Types of Robocalls Declined In April 2022

In April, the number of unwanted spam and scam calls shrunk dramatically, with almost 300 million fewer calls than in March, a welcome change following last month’s 700 million robocall spike. In addition, there were also 150 million fewer notifications, though these calls are generally wanted alerts and reminders. Only payment reminders had a very slight increase for the month,

Type ofRobocallEstimated AprilRobocallsPercentage April
Scams1.42 billion (–14%)36% -(2%)
Notifications1.16 billion (-12%)29% (flat) 
Payment Reminders0.69 billion (+1%)18% (+2%)
Telemarketing0.67 billion (-7%)17% (flat)

“Winners” in April 2022

In March, the same area codes and states that have had the most robocalls in recent months maintained their position. The exceptions are that Houston’s 832 took over second place from Dallas’s 214 area code in terms of area code volume, and South Carolina traded places with Alabama as the state with the second most robocalls/person.   

Cities with the Most Robocalls:Atlanta, GA (163.1 million, -9%)Dallas, TX (150.2 million, -9%)Chicago, IL (124.3 million, -11%)
Cities with the Most Robocalls/Person:Baton Rouge, LA (34.8/person, -7%)Memphis, TN (32.3/person, -6%)
Macon, GA (29.6/person, -13%)
Area Codes with the Most Robocalls:404 in Atlanta, GA (68.9 million, -8%)832 in Houston, TX (54.4 million, -6%)214 in Dallas, TX (53.9 million, -10%)
Area Codes with the Most Robocalls/Person:404 in Atlanta, GA (56.3/person, -8%)225 in Baton Rouge, LA (34.8/person, -7%)901 in Memphis, TN (32.3/person, -6%)
State with the Most Robocalls:Texas (487.1 million, -8%)California (351.1 million, -15%)Florida (312.1 million, -10%)
State with the Most Robocalls/Person:Louisiana (23.4/person, -9%)South Carolina (22.8/person, -9%)Alabama (22.1/person, -12%)

How to Stop Robocalls

There are apps like YouMail that provide free call protectionfor mobile phones. YouMail blocks unwanted robocallers by first making sure the user’s phone doesn’t ring, and then it plays an out-of-service message that leads the spammers to think they dialed an invalid number. Apps like YouMail identify problematic numbers and robocalls using a combination of its recently patented audio fingerprinting technology, call patterns, and consumer feedback.

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