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Monthly Robocall Volumes Surpass 4 Billion Mark for First Time Ever in May

For the first time ever, Americans were hit by more than 4 billion robocalls in a single month during May, crossing a new threshold for the nation’s robocalling dilemma and marking the third straight month that consumers have endured a record-setting pace for robocalls.

The 4.06 billion robocalls received in May marked a 55% increase in calling volumes over May of last year, or roughly 130.9 million calls for each day of the month, or 1,516 calls received every second. It’s also a stunning 20% increase over the previous record of 3.36 billion robocalls in April of this year.

Despite recent efforts to curb robocalls by federal regulators and phone carriers, Americans have received 16.2 billion robocalls in the first five months of this year, up over 25% from the 12.0 billion robocalls in the same period last year. In addition, each of the 50 Most Robocalled Cities in America recorded increases of 12% or more over the previous month’s record-setting results from April.

These latest monthly figures come from YouMail, a free robocall blocking solution for mobile phones helps consumers stop robocalls from ever reaching their phones. YouMail blocks unwanted robocallers by making sure the user’s phone doesn’t ring, and then plays an out-of-service message that leads them to think that the number they dialed is invalid.

The YouMail Robocall Index™ is a compilation of the scope and location of the worst robocalling hotspots across the country by area code, and these statistics are regularly cited by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a definitive source for national data trends.

What’s Driving This Increase

May has seen a huge increase in legitimate alerts and reminder calls, and in telemarketing calls. These two categories of robocalls increased much faster than the overall growth in robocalls as a whole.


Increase Over April

% Of May Robocalls

Alerts and Reminders



Payment Reminders









The YouMail data suggests that this is because consumers are now answering their phone much less frequently and robocallers, especially those from business interests, are making even more calls to try to get through to consumers.

“The barrage of robocallers clearly has consumers not answering their phone for unknown numbers, or using apps to block calls, which in turn is causing the robocallers to call even more to try to get through,” Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail. “It’s sad, but the phone call now appears to be in a slow-motion death spiral.”

Who Gets the Most Robocalls

Atlanta topped the YouMail 50 Most Robocalled Cities in America list for the 30th month in a row, fueled by a 20% month-on-month increase in robocall volumes, as area residents received more than 177 million robocalls in May. Other cities making the top five list for May included Dallas (up 16% to 148.2 million); Los Angeles (up 20% to 146.3 million); New York (up 17% to 143.0 million); and Chicago(up 14% to 137.3 million).

The biggest “mover” cities on the Top 50 list for May included #12 Charlotte, which was up 158% over April; #14 Fort Lauderdale (up 31%); and #44 West Palm Beach, FL (up 27%).

California clung to its spot as the state getting the most robocalls in May, with 468.7 million calls received, followed by Texas with 425.3 million. North Carolina notched the biggest percentage increase in robocalls month-on-month, jumping 53.3% to 170.2 million. Other states recording large gains in May included Montana (up 36.1%); Vermont (up 35.8%); Rhode Island (up 33.0%); and Wyoming (up 31.3%).

Who Made the Most Robocalls

For the first time since the YouMail Robocall Index was launched in 2015, 12 cities each placed more than 50 million robocalls in a single month. Chicago extended its streak as the city that generates the most monthly robocalls by placing 115.1 million calls in May, followed by Los Angeles (110.6 million), and New York (106.4 million).

California topped the list of states making the most robocalls, with some 333.2 million calls placed.  Other leading states included Texas (290.9 million); Florida (247.5 million); New York (214.0 million); and Georgia (123.9 million).

New Mexico recorded the biggest percentage increase in outbound robocalls in May (up 318.9%); followed by Maine (up 134.1%); Massachusetts (up 125.1%); Idaho (up 80.3; and Alaska (up 68.9%).

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