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President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Air Force One

President Donald Trump will start his public schedule on Wednesday with his daily briefing provided by the intelligence community. He will then head to Cincinnati, Ohio where he will meet with victims of Obamacare and then deliver a speech on his new infrastructure initiative. Later in the afternoon, the president will return to the White House. President Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, ...

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Massive manhunt for serial killer who killed live on Facebook

Steve Stephens

Ohio police are searching for a man who reportedly killed an elderly man live on Facebook and boasted that he had killed as many as 14 other people. Cleveland police said Sunday that Steve Stephens “broadcast the killing on Facebook Live and has claimed to have committed multiple other homicides which are yet to be verified.” Stephens’ Facebook page, now ...

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Trump Announces Mattis as Defense Secretary at Ohio Rally


Donald Trump kicked off his USA Thank You Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio and during the oversold event, he announced that General “Mad Dog” Mattis would be his pick for Secretary of Defense. President Obama appointed General Mattis to replace General Petraeus in August 2010.  Mattis had previously commanded United States Joint Forces Command from 2007 to 2010 and served concurrently as ...

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Donald Trump to Kick-Off ‘Thank You’ Tour in Ohio on Thursday


President-elect Donald Trump announced on Wednesday morning that he will be kicking off his “USA Thank You Tour” in Ohio on Thursday night. The event will be held at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati at 7:00pm and is expected to follow the same rally-style format he became known for during the 2016 Presidential election. Donald Trump and Mike Pence ...

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