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Republican Rep Endorses ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Mag Restrictions

Ohio Republican Rep. Mike Turner announced Tuesday that he would support legislation that bans assault weapons and restricts magazine capacity.

Turner claims he’s a “strong supporter of the Second Amendment,” but the alleged “carnage” that assault weapons cause is “intolerable.” He also endorses red flag laws, and claims legislation of this nature is a “testament to American values,” a release details.

“I strongly support the Second Amendment, but we must prevent mentally unstable people from terrorizing our communities with military style weapons,” Turner said in a statement, “I will support legislation that prevents the sale of military style weapons to civilians, a magazine limit, and red flag legislation. The carnage these military style weapons are able to produce when available to the wrong people is intolerable.”

Turner’s announcement was spurred by the weekend shooting in Dayton, Ohio, that left 9 dead and 27 injured. The Dayton shooter was reportedly using an AR15 with a 100-round drum-style magazine.

However, Turner admits this particular legislation is not 100% effective at combating mass shootings.

“I understand not every shooting can be prevented or stopped from these measures, but I do believe these steps are essential,” Turner said in a statement.

President Donald Trump recently expressed support for red flag laws Monday. This policy decision has been decried by Second Amendment groups and supporters alike, citing due process concerns.

Red flag laws allow citizens and law enforcement alike to petition a court to obtain an order to remove weapons from a person’s home – 17 states and D.C. have adopted similar legislation, a CNN report confirms. Maryland’s red flag law went awry when a 61-year-old man was gunned down by law enforcement when they attempted to execute a court-order to remove his weapons in 2018.

“Red flag laws stand for the proposition that gun owners can have their rights and property taken from them – by force – on the basis of allegations without the government having even reasonable suspicion, let alone probable cause or constitutionally sufficient adjudication,” The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), a pro-Second Amendment group, said in a statement.

“Red flag firearm prohibition and confiscation laws are unconstitutional, unsound, and dangerous policies,” The FPC adds, “They should and must be opposed – not rewarded with millions of taxpayer dollars.”

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  1. Add your name to the growing list of Republican retirements you turncoat dickbag!..Please someone step up and primary this loser..

  2. I agree with this completely. There’s no legitimate need for military style weapons in our society. The NRA has gone too far.

  3. Not more legislation please. Let’s enforce laws on the books. Chicago has very strict gun laws yet can’t seem to stem the tide of their weekend shootings. Let’s look at mental health issues and their treatment. Let’s get people the help they need instead of turning them loose under the guise of social stigma. Maybe we do need all those closed mental hospitals. Let’s stop medicating our young people and start mentoring them.
    Don’t take away my right to own something because you don’t/won’t use the tool properly.

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