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Hope Hicks Stands By Congressional Testimony Regarding Stormy Daniels Hush Payment

A lawyer for Hope Hicks says that the former White House communications director is standing by her congressional testimony regarding her knowledge of hush money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels. On Thursday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler called on Hicks to clarify her June 19 congressional testimony regarding conversations she had during the campaign with Donald Trump ...

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Judge Says SDNY Has Ended Trump Campaign Finance Probe, Orders Michael Cohen Records Unsealed |

A federal judge on Wednesday confirmed that federal prosecutors in New York City have ended their investigation into Trump campaign finance violations, which focused on former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and the Trump Organization. Judge William Pauley confirmed the end of the probe in an order to release the remaining files in the case against Michael Cohen, the former Trump ...

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Joe Scarborough Tells Michael Cohen To Stop Blaming Trump For His Crimes

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said Michael Cohen should stop blaming President Trump for his criminal activity and take responsibility for his actions. Cohen began serving a three year prison sentence Monday, after pleading guilty to charges of tax evasion, bank fraud and campaign finance violations. Scarborough referenced an interview with former convict and fashion designer Steve Madden, and urged Cohen to ...

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Georgian Businessman Releases Texts With Cohen That Were Left Out Of Mueller Report

A Georgian-American businessman is calling for a retraction of a footnote in the special counsel’s report that refers to a text message exchange with Michael Cohen about a rumored Trump sex tape Giorgi Rtskhiladze’s lawyer sent a letter to the attorney general claiming that the Mueller report has “glaring inaccuracies” The report quoted a text message in which Rtskhiladze told ...

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McClatchy Adds Editor’s Notes To Its Cohen-Prague Reports

McClatchy news service has updated two reports published last year that claimed that the special counsel’s office had evidence that bolstered the Steele dossier’s claims about former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. McClatchy added the updates following the release of Robert Mueller’s report on the Russia investigation. The report said that Cohen did not visit Prague during the 2016, as claimed ...

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Michael Cohen Has A Ploy To Reduce His Prison Sentence

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is formally seeking a delayed and reduced prison sentence after claiming to have found a computer hard drive he wants to provide investigators. In a letter sent Thursday to congressional Democrats, Cohen’s attorneys asked lawmakers to write a letter documenting Cohen’s cooperation with congressional committees as well as his willingness to hand over documents from ...

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Collusion Delusion: The 7 Conspiracy Theories That Weren’t

Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence that the Trump campaign or any Trump associates conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election. That finding deals a heavy blow to Democrats and some in the media who have pushed at least seven different theories of collusion over the past two-plus years. Many of those theories derived from the infamous Steele ...

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Mueller Obtained Email Search Warrant Against Michael Cohen In July 2017

Special Counsel Robert Mueller obtained the first of three search warrants for former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s email accounts in July 2017, much earlier than previously known. According to court documents unsealed on Tuesday, Mueller’s office sought evidence of money laundering, bank fraud and that Cohen acted as an unregistered foreign agent. U.S. District Court Beryl Howell granted the warrants. ...

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Michael Cohen Suing Trump Organization Over Unpaid Legal Bills

Michael Cohen filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Trump Organization, alleging that the real estate firm breached a contract to pay legal expenses that the former Trump fixer accrued during congressional and federal investigations. Cohen alleged that the Trump Organization reneged on a deal to cover his legal bills, which amounted to $1.9 million dollars. “The Trump Organization agreed to ...

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Lanny Davis Says Cohen Directed Lawyer To Seek Trump Pardon, Contradicting Testimony

A lawyer for Michael Cohen says that the former Trump fixer directed his former attorney to inquire about a presidential pardon, a claim which, if true, would contradict Cohen’s congressional testimony on Feb. 27. Lanny Davis told The Wall Street Journal Wednesday night that Cohen instructed Stephen Ryan, his previous lawyer, to raise the prospect of a pardon shortly after ...

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CNN Leak During Michael Cohen Testimony Recalls Memories Of Network’s Bungled Don Jr. Story

CNN reported during Michael Cohen’s House Intelligence testimony that the former Trump fixer provided documents showing that Trump’s lawyers edited congressional testimony in which Cohen had admitted lying CNN’s report harkens back to another leak that sprung during Donald Trump Jr.’s House Intelligence testimony in late 2017. In that incident, CNN had to retract its report.  A source familiar with ...

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Report: Cohen’s Lawyer Courted Pardon Before Ex-Trump Fixer Started To Sing

A lawyer for Michael Cohen brought up the idea of a potential pardon for the former Trump fixer but was rebuffed by President Donald Trump’s attorneys, according to a report. According to The Wall Street Journal, Stephen Ryan, who served as Cohen’s first attorney, broached a pardon soon after the FBI raided Cohen’s home, office and hotel as part of ...

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REPORT: Cohen Pitched A Book Idea Last Year Claiming Trump Is Not A Liar

President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen pitched a book idea to several publishers in 2018 claiming that the president is not a liar or a cheat, The Daily Mail reported Friday. The report comes after Cohen testified in Congress that the president is all of those things. His comments refuting accusations of Trump’s dishonesty came in a ...

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2016 Cuomo Interview Suggests Cohen Lied During Congressional Testimony

A 2016 interview with CNN President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen shows he appears to have lied during his Wednesday congressional testimony, when he said he did not want to work in the White House. When asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo if Trump would ask him to go to Washington D.C. to work for him, Cohen told Cuomo ...

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