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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright

On Sept. 2, 1945, Army Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright, a Medal of Honor recipient, was among the few U.S. military leaders aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay when Japan signed the surrender documents ending World War II. Wainwright is lauded for defending the Philippines when they were overtaken by the Japanese and earned the nickname  “Hero of Bataan.” Born ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Pvt. Wilburn Ross

Few World War II veterans can say they earned not just America’s highest medal for valor, but France’s as well. Army Pvt. Wilburn Ross is part of an elite group who can. Ross single-handedly took out nearly 60 Germans in a five-hour period in 1944, saving his depleted company from an elite German force. Ross was born May 12, 1922, and ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Sgt. John J. McVeigh

The invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, gave the Allies a foothold on the European continent, but a lot more needed to be done to keep it in place. Army Sgt. John J. McVeigh was one of the thousands of men tasked with strengthening that foothold. He died during his mission, but his effort earned him the Medal of ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Air Force Maj. Louis Sebille

The Air Force was in its infancy when the Korean War began, but many of its airmen were experienced war veterans, having fought in World War II in the Army Air Corps. One of those men was Maj. Louis Sebille, a pilot who became the first Air Force recipient of the Medal of Honor. Sebille was born on Nov. 21, ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Spc. Leslie Sabo Jr.

A lot of U.S. service members may not have been born in America, but they’re just as willing to die for our ideals. Army Spc. Leslie Sabo Jr. is a shining example of those who were willing to fight for their adopted country. His efforts to save his fellow soldiers during the Vietnam War earned him the Medal of Honor ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Pvt. Donald Lobaugh

A lot of men who earned the Medal of Honor did so knowing they were about to lose their lives, but they pressed on with what they were doing anyway. Army Pvt. Donald Lobaugh was one of them, giving his life for his comrades in the jungles of the South Pacific during World War II. Lobaugh was born on Feb. ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Coxswain John G. Morrison

I imagine it’s hard to keep your composure while your ship is being attacked, but that’s exactly what Navy Coxswain John G. Morrison did during the Civil War, and it earned him the Medal of Honor. Morrison was born in Ireland sometime between 1836-1842 — online records reflect a few possible dates, so it’s not clear — but in 1855, ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Marine Corps Sgt. Grant Timmerman

Marine Corps Pfc. Grant Timmerman had already served plenty of time abroad when he was discharged from the military in late 1941. But Pearl Harbor happened five weeks after he got out, so he decided to join right back up. Timmerman shipped out again for his country a short time later, and he never returned. But the actions he took ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Master Sgt. Gary Gordon

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Black Hawk Down,” then you know the story of Army Master Sgt. Gary Gordon. Gordon and his comrade, Army Sgt. 1st Class Randall Shughart, made the most difficult decision service members could ever make — to give their lives for their brothers in arms. This Medal of Honor Monday, we honor Gordon’s life and ...

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Watch: President Trump Presents the Medal of Honor Sgt. David G. Bellavia

President Donald Trump presents the Medal of Honor to Army Staff Sgt. David G. Bellavia Tuesday. Bellavia is receiving the medal for his heroic acts during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The event is scheduled to begin at 3:25 PM EDT. Watch: Bellavia’s awards and decorations include the Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army 1st Lt. James Church

President Theodore Roosevelt’s famous charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba during the Spanish-American War earned him the Medal of Honor, but another lesser-known “Rough Rider” also earned it saving several men beyond the scope of his job in the medical field. James Robb Church was born in Chicago in 1866. He graduated from Columbia Medical College in New York ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Sgt. Joe Ronnie Hooper

Several Medal of Honor recipients earn the honor for a moment of action. But for Army Sgt. Joe Ronnie Hooper, his moment lasted about seven hours — fitting, considering he’s one of the most decorated soldiers of the Vietnam War. Hooper was born Aug. 8, 1938, in Piedmont, South Carolina, but he grew up in Washington state. He enlisted in ...

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Medal of Honor Monday: Army 1st Lt. Arthur MacArthur Jr.

During the Civil War, more than 1,500 men earned the Medal of Honor, which had just been created. Today’s Medal of Honor Monday honoree, Army 1st Lt. Arthur MacArthur Jr., was one of only two fathers who shared the privilege of being a Medal of Honor recipient with his son. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, in June 1845, MacArthur eventually moved ...

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