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Subpoenaing NBA’s Adam Silver To Disclose Financial Ties With Beijing Is A ‘Great Idea,’ Sen Hawley Says

Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri indicated Monday morning that he is interested in initiating Senate hearings compelling NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to make public the league’s financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Subpoenaing Silver could help flesh out the extent to which the NBA is tied to Beijing, the Republican told radio host Hugh Hewitt. “Well, that’s a great ...

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Senate Republicans Urge Trump To Suspend All Guest Worker Visas Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Four Republican senators on Thursday delivered a letter to President Donald Trump, asking him to take further action to protect U.S. workers during the coronavirus pandemic.  The four senators want Trump to extend his immigration ban and suspend all guest worker visas while the viral outbreak continues to wreak havoc on the country’s economy.  The demands came as the Department ...

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Sen Hawley Targets The Meat-Packing Industry, Says It’s Dominated By A Handful Of Massive Firms

Sen. Josh Hawley is now targeting another powerful industry a day after asking Attorney General Bill Barr to open an antitrust investigation against Amazon. The meat processing industry is consolidating power, and in the process giving the bulk of the food supply chain to a handful of conglomerates, the Missouri Republican wrote in a letter Wednesday to the Federal Trade Commission. Democratic ...

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Hawley, Cruz And Lawmakers Challenge Facebook Over Live Action Fact-Check

Lawmakers sent a letter to Facebook challenging a fact check on the pro-life organization Live Action’s content. Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley and  Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz were among the lawmakers who sent the letter. Live Action has said that they were targeted by pro-abortion fact checkers, and that Facebook “took sides” and “called us the spreaders of false news.” ...

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Sen. Hawley Calls Facebook’s Conservative Bias Audit A ‘Smokescreen’

Facebook’s critics were not persuaded after the company revealed its long-awaited audit Tuesday into whether the Silicon Valley giant is biased against conservatives. Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, for one, called the audit a “smokescreen” in a press statement Tuesday. The audit comes as the Show-Me-State Republican attempts to etch out a position as one of big tech’s biggest critics ...

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Josh Hawley Faced Accusations Of Anti-Semitism For Using The Word ‘Cosmopolitan.’ Here’s Video Of Obama Saying The Same Thing

After facing accusations of anti-Semitism for using the phrase “cosmopolitan” in a speech earlier in July, Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley posted a video Tuesday of former President Barack Obama using similar phrasing in a 2018 speech. “Now, it should be noted that this new international elite, the professional class that supports them, differs in important respects from the ruling ...

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Josh Hawley To Introduce Bill That Would Hold Universities Financially Liable For Defaulted Student Loans

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri announced Tuesday he will introduce two pieces of legislation this week targeting institutions of higher education, one of which would put universities on the hook financially if its students are unable to repay their student loans. Americans hold nearly $1.5 trillion in outstanding student debt, 10.9% of which is over 90 days delinquent, according ...

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Here Are The Conservative Groups Google Is Paying To Brush Back Sen. Hawley

Google is plowing money into the coffers of several conservative groups who are criticizing Sen. Josh Hawley as the Missouri Republican continues crusading against the Silicon Valley giant. The big tech company provides “substantial contributions” to groups like R-Street, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), TechFreedom, the Cato Institute, and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), to name a few. All four ...

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Sen. Hawley Moves To Prevent China From Infiltrating American Universities

Sen. Josh Hawley introduced legislation Tuesday morning preventing American research projects from using technologies developed by Chinese big tech companies. Universities are “key targets of espionage and intellectual property theft by not only China, but Russia and Iran,” the Missouri Republican said in a statement announcing the bill. “For too long, these countries have sent students to our universities to ...

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‘You Can Still Do Better’: Sen Hawley Sets His Sights On Another Big Tech Company

Apple logo

Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri asked Apple CEO Tim Cook Tuesday to implement his “Do Not Track” option as the big tech giant faces scrutiny over how much data it obtains through its application store. Hawley, a Republican, sent a letter to Cook imploring him to do a better job of protecting customer’s private data. The letter comes a few ...

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Sen Hawley Proposes Bill Allowing People To Block Tech Companies From Constantly Tracking Their Location

Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley announced a bill Monday that allows Americans to block tech companies from tracking people’s locations without direct consent. Hawley’s legislation creates a program similar to the national Do Not Call list that gives people the power to prevent online companies from collecting any more data than what is otherwise necessary for the companies’ services. It ...

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Sen. Hawley Introduces A Bill Cracking Down On Big Tech Exports To China

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley pushed legislation Tuesday that would make it more difficult for American tech companies to export their technology to China. Hawley’s bill, which has few details. would require President Donald Trump to restrict any technology to China that would contribute to the communist country’s military. The Republican’s legislature would also place heavy restrictions on technology that influences ...

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Josh Hawley Explains Why He’ll Take To The Senate Floor To Defend Trump’s National Emergency

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri said he will stand with President Donald Trump and vote “no” on the Senate’s resolution of disapproval of his national emergency. “Look, first of all, we have a crisis at the border. And it’s clear to anybody who’s looked at the situation,” Hawley said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.” “Congress has heard testimony on this over ...

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Josh Hawley Raises Some Red Flags On Neomi Rao’s Confirmation

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri is expressing concerns over confirming Neomi Rao to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, saying his review of some of her academic writings raises questions about her judicial philosophy. Other conservatives vigorously contest Hawley’s reading of Rao’s work, even threatening retaliation if he undermines her confirmation prospects. Hawley, who sits on the ...

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