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After Getting Booed And Jeered In Iowa, Joe Walsh Suspends His Campaign

Joe Walsh, the former Republican congressman who challenged President Trump, suspended his long-shot campaign on Friday, days after he was booed and jeered by fellow Republicans at an Iowa caucus site. “I’m suspending my campaign, but our fight against the Cult of Trump is just getting started. I’m committed to doing everything I can to defeat Trump and his enablers ...

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Joe Walsh Once Called Bill Kristol, His Main Supporter, A ‘Twit’ And ‘Irrelevant’

Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh, the radio show host challenging President Donald Trump, was once heavily critical of his main political backer, Bill Kristol, calling the neoconservative pundit “irrelevant,” and an “out of touch establishment twit.” “It’s time to retire, my friend,” Walsh said on March 31, 2017. On June 2, 2016, he wrote that Kristol “should just stay in ...

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Joe Walsh’s Former Campaign Manager Airs Dirty Laundry On Client’s White House Bid

Former Rep. Joe Walsh’s campaign manager says the Illinois Republican all-but ignored his phone calls and communications before officially launching his long-shot White House bid. “As of this morning, it has been eight days and 23 unanswered phone calls since I last spoke with Joe,” Jacob Perry, a Republican operative who signed up as Walsh’s campaign manager, told a group ...

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Joe Walsh’s Radio Show Has Been Canceled

Former Republican Rep. Joe Walsh said that his nationally syndicated radio show was canceled Monday, just a day after announcing that he is challenging Donald Trump for president. “I just found out that I lost my national radio show. So that’s gone, but I figure that might happen, John,” Walsh told CNN’s John Berman. “I’m running for president. I oppose ...

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George Conway: Support Joe Walsh To ‘Trigger’ Trump

Republican lawyer George Conway is justifying support for long-shot presidential candidate Joe Walsh as a way to “trigger” President Donald Trump. Walsh, a former Pennsylvania congressman, has earned the support of anti-Trump Republicans like Conway and Bill Kristol, despite Walsh’s long history of race-baiting. Walsh for years accused former President Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim and lamented that he ...

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Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Announces Primary Challenge Against Trump

Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh announced Sunday morning a long-shot Republican primary challenge against President Donald Trump in 2020. “I’m running because he’s unfit. Somebody needs to step up and there needs to be an alternative,” Walsh told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “The country is sick of this guy’s tantrum. He’s a child. I’m going to run for president.” The former Illinois ...

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Former GOP Rep Joe Walsh Prepares A Primary Challenge To Trump

Never Trump Republican writer and pundit Bill Kristol is pushing former Republican Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh to run against President Donald Trump in 2020, The New York Times reported Wednesday. Kristol believes Walsh, a Tea Party conservative who supported Trump in 2016, can appeal to reluctant GOP voters who might be open to another option. Walsh, who says he is ...

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