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Biden Assured Obama Aides In 2008 He Was Too Old To Run For President Again

Former Vice President Joe Biden once assured former President Barack Obama’s aides that Obama “would never have to worry” about Biden leveraging his position for a presidential run. The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate reportedly assured Obama aides in 2008 that “Barack would never have to worry” about Biden using his vice presidency to attempt a presidential bid, according to the ...

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Creepy Uncle Joe Biden; The Gaffe A Minute Candidate For President

I couldn’t believe it when I first saw Joe Biden entering the 2020 race for president. I know he is doing it on behalf of his recently deceased son who said to him before dying, “Run dad, run.”If Biden were to win he’d be older than Reagan was when he left the presidency. Biden was always known for his ridiculous ...

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Biden Blasts Trump For Enabling White Supremacists

Former Vice President Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump Wednesday for fostering the rise of white supremacist groups and only reluctantly condemning them. “It’s both clear in language and in code this president has fanned the fumes of white supremacy,” Biden said Wednesday. “His mouthing of the words written for him, condemning white supremacists this week, I don’t believe fooled ...

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Biden Remains Front Runner By Large Margin, Despite Debate Pummeling

Former Vice President Joe Biden remains a Democratic front runner in the 2020 presidential elections, a Quinnipiac poll reveals. An August Quinnipiac University poll reveals that 49 percent of voters believe that the former vice president has the best chances of beating President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election – and 50 percent of voters said they believe electability ...

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Biden Says ‘Bingo’ When Asked If Gun Owners Should Be Worried He’s ‘Going To Come For’ Their Guns

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Monday he supports a national buyback program for so-called assault weapons, while acknowledging that he is “going to come” for those types of firearms if elected president. “So to gun owners out there who say well, a Biden administration means they’re going to come for my guns,” CNN’s Anderson Cooper said in an interview ...

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Biden Reportedly Offers Sympathy For The Wrong Places After Weekend Shootings

2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden reportedly offered his sympathies on the two mass shootings over the weekend, but mixed up the locations of both attacks. Biden was talking to donors at a fundraising event in San Diego Sunday evening when he spoke about the two shootings that occurred over the weekend. The former Vice President reportedly referred to the shootings ...

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Joe Biden’s ‘Joe30330’ Stumble Leads To College Student’s Prank Website

2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden accidentally told viewers to “go to Joe 30330” during closing statements, and the hiccup led a college student to use the domain name for his own website. Former Vice President Biden meant to tell supporters to text 30330, but accidentally told them to “go to” it, implying that “Joe 30330” was a website. A few ...

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Joe Biden Says There’s No Place For Fossil Fuels In His Administration After Saying ‘We Desperately Need Coal’ In 2012

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s proclamation that fossil fuels would have no place in his administration during Wednesday night’s debate was a far cry from his 2012 declaration that “we desperately need coal.” CNN’s Dana Bash asked Biden if there was any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in his administration. WATCH: Biden says no place for coal ...

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Biden Promises To Be More Aggressive, Reportedly Scrambles To Recover Support Before Dem Debates

Former Vice President Joe Biden is reportedly scrambling to reassure donors after his performance at the June Democratic debates, sources told Politico. Biden had conversations with his donors shortly after it became clear he had slipped in the polls, according to Politico. The former vice president’s support dropped 10 percentage points after his debate performance, according to a Morning Consult/FiveThirtyEight poll. Democratic ...

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Biden Unveils Criminal Justice Plan — Goal To House 100% Of The Formerly Incarcerated

2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden unveiled “The Biden Plan for Strengthening America’s Commitment to Justice” Tuesday, which aims to house 100% of formerly incarcerated criminals. The plan encompasses “equality, equity, justice”— factors that Biden’s campaign said have never been lived up to in the justice system. The proposal outlines how the justice system can help former inmates “get the health ...

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Trump At 48% Approval, Biden Leading Democrats: Poll

Donald Trump success

President Donald Trump is at 48% approval, and former Vice President Joe Biden is leading among Democratic White House candidates, an NBC Survey Monkey Poll released Friday reveals. The poll asked respondents questions about Trump’s job, the economy, the environment, health care, and immigration among other top issues in the presidential race. Sixty-eight percent of respondents found the economy to ...

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Biden’s Cancer Nonprofit Shutters — Could Be Closed For Good

The Biden Cancer Initiative announced it is “suspending activities” Monday after former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill left the nonprofit they founded in order to steer clear of ethics concerns for his 2020 campaign. “Today, we are suspending activities given our unique circumstances. We remain personally committed to the cause, but at this time will have to ...

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Joe Biden Campaign In Free Fall As Polls Hit New Lows

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s poll numbers have plummeted to new lows following his widely panned performance in last week’s debate. Biden was polling at 27 percent in the RealClearPolitics polling average as of Tuesday evening –Biden’s lowest average since launching his campaign in April, and well below his peak at 41 percent in May. The most recent polls following ...

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