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Poll Finds 90% Of Brits Think Brexit Negotiations Have Been A ‘National Humiliation’

Ninety percent of British people said Brexit negotiations and how the government is handling them have been a “national humiliation” in a poll Wednesday. The Sky Data poll’s results come in the wake of news that Prime Minister Theresa May is considering forestalling a Brexit deal until June 30 to avoid the potential automatic withdrawal that was to occur March 29 ...

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Saturday Night Cigar Lounge with Taylor June 22nd 2013

When:Saturday, June 22nd, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific Where: Saturday Night Cigar Lounge with Taylor on Blog Talk Radio What: Saturday nights were meant for cigars and politics. Hear Taylor and his co-host Liz Harrison talk about everything from the past week – from politics, to news, to books, and entertainment. Whatever comes to mind, and of course, sobriety is not likely. ...

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Quarter of all British fatalities caused by Afghan ‘friendlies’


After the recent murder of two Welsh Guardsman and a member of the Royal Corps of Signals by an Afghan policeman, the level of so-called “green-on-blue” deaths reaches one quarter of British casualties for the year. Reports are unclear as to the exact source of the disagreement, but witnesses have said that the British soldiers visited a  Nahr-e-Saraj checkpoint for a ...

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Fundraise and Fore! obama’s Answer to World Events

Israel issued warnings over security problems with Egypt. Militants from the Sinai Peninsula crossed over into southern Israel Monday and fired on a border security fence, killing one Israeli. The IDF moved tanks and other armed forces to the Israel-Egypt border in response to the attack. Egypt is on the offensive against Israel. Egypt’s presidential election results lean towards victory ...

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