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Judge Says Christian Baker Jack Phillips’ Lawsuit Against Civil Rights Officials Can Proceed

A federal judge in Denver rejected Colorado’s bid to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that state civil rights officials are waging a campaign of harassment against Jack Phillips, the Christian baker at issue in the landmark Masterpiece Cakeshop case. Three weeks after Phillips prevailed at the Supreme Court, a state anti-discrimination panel issued a new probable cause finding against him, arising ...

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New Docs Reveal Hefty Taxpayer Costs Associated With Boulder’s Climate Lawsuits

  by Chris White Colorado taxpayers could be on the hook for a sizable chunk of change if Boulder city’s climate lawsuit against various oil companies fails in the courts, according to a report Saturday from Western Wire. Boulder County signed a contingent fee agreement with Hannon Law Firm and a pro bono retainer agreement with the non-profit organization Earth Rights International ...

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Sheriff’s Dept: 5 Deputies shot near Denver, 1 Dead, suspect also dead

Highland Ranch Douglas County Sheriff's Deputies shot

“We have multiple deputies down,” the Douglas County, Colorado Sheriff’s department reported early Sunday after those officers had responded to a disturbance call. The incident occurred at 5:13 a.m. MST Sunday as deputies responded to the Copper Canyon Apartments for a domestic disturbance call. During the investigation, shots were fired. Five Douglas County deputies and 2 civilians were shot by the suspect. ...

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Clinton Panicking: Campaign restarts advertising in BLUE states

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is making huge advertising buys in states that had been considered safe for her in 2016. Hillary’s campaign is now dropping large amounts of money in Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico and Michigan. Virginia and Colorado had shown well for Hillary for most of the campaign season and her team had pulled advertising from those states several weeks ...

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Trump up in two key battleground states just ahead of tonight’s debate

As the candidates make final preparations for tonight’s debate, new polls show that there is much more at stake for Clinton than for Trump. According to a slew of polls released in the last 48 hours, Colorado and Pennsylvania are no longer shoe-ins for Hillary Clinton. Without those two key states, her path to the required 270 electoral votes is effectively ...

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