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The NFL kneeds its fans

This past Sunday there was more kneeling at NFL games than occurred at Catholic churches around the country. Most fans turn on a professional football game to watch, you know, football. Recently, they have been treated to anything but. What the heck is going on? As a public service and in an effort to promote peace, love and understanding (well, ...

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The Mike Glennon Era Gets Off to a Horrible Start in Chicago

The decision of the Chicago Bears to spend $45 million on former Tampa Bay Buccaneers backup quarterback Mike Glennon in free agency is already looking like a disaster. Granted that it is early, but Glennon’s abysmal performance in Thursday night’s NFL preseason opener was a stinker and that’s being kind. The ginger giraffe’s second pass of the night was intercepted ...

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Chicago Bears 2017 Preview

The Chicago Bears not only hit rock bottom in 2016 but there is no indication that they have done anything but keep drilling ever since. Coming off an absolutely horrific 3-13 record, Da Bears had their worst season since 1973 when they were 3-11 and their second worst of all time. You would think that there would be nowhere to ...

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Did Bad News Bears Blow It With Mitch Trubiski Trade?

On the opening day of this week’s 2017 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears pulled a stunner by trading a king’s ransom in order to move up one pick. The Bears were desperate to land former North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky and may have been played for chumps by the San Francisco 49ers who scored a huge bounty for swapping places ...

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Da Bears Look to Bounce Back With Third Pick in NFL Draft

It’s a good thing for Chicago sports fans that the Cubs finally ended their century old World Series title drought because there was little to cheer for when it came to the once powerful Bears. The Windy City’s NFL team set new standards for rottenness in 2016, posting one of the worst records in the team’s storied history. There were ...

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