Did Bad News Bears Blow It With Mitch Trubiski Trade?

On the opening day of this week’s 2017 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears pulled a stunner by trading a king’s ransom in order to move up one pick.

The Bears were desperate to land former North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky and may have been played for chumps by the San Francisco 49ers who scored a huge bounty for swapping places with Chicago from number two to number three overall.

In what may eventually go down as a monumental strategic blunder, the Bears panicked and coughed up own top pick as well as their third and fourth rounders and a third rounder next year. All for a guy who they could have probably surrendered nothing for had they not gotten antsy.

Chicago fans were not happy with the move and some even booed the new Bears quarterback who was in attendance at the Bulls playoff game on Friday night.


Hardly the reception that builds confidence in a youngster but a rite of passage in recent Bears football lore when it comes to the team’s quarterbacks.

While most experts had Trubisky as the highest rated quarterback in the draft he was still not seen as a sure thing and there are doubts as to whether he will develop into the type of player that the Bears just gave up a passel of picks for.

One report claims that rookie San Francisco general manager John Lynch conned the Bears into believing that there were multiple teams trying to trade into the two spot to grab Trubisky when it wasn’t case.


The sly Lynch created a situation in which Chicago was essentially bidding against themselves and still got the player he wanted in Stanford defensive lineman Solomon Thomas AND extra picks to assist with his own rebuilding project.

Another report went as far as to claim that Bears head coach John Fox was left out of the loop on the decision to trade up. A story that if true is a foreboding signal of a very stormy 2017 season to come for a team in turmoil.

While the Bears are trying to recover from the Jay Cutler fiasco it seemed to make little sense to grab the quarterback to begin with, especially after the team just gave $45 million to former Tampa Bay Buccaneers backup Mike Glennon in free agency. The move can’t sit well with Glennon but at least he got paid and a good chunk of the dough is guaranteed.

The Bears defied the conventional wisdom that if one team was going to really blow it in the draft that it would be the woebegone Cleveland Browns. The Browns actually had one hell of a first three rounds and even took advantage of another quarterback needy team – the Houston Texans – to move down and add a 2018 first round pick as well.

The draft continues on Saturday with rounds 4-7.

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