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Seattle Police Start To Clear CHOP, Make 23 Arrests Following Mayor’s Executive Order To Disperse

Seattle police arrested 23 individuals after the mayor ordered protesters at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone to vacate within 48 hours, according to the Seattle Police Department. Police made the arrests Wednesday morning after Democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an emergency executive order labeling CHOP as an unlawful assembly. Durkan’s order cited 13 specific instances of threats to ...

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‘It Highlights Capitalism’s Brutality’: Socialist Seattle City Councilmember Blames Capitalism For Latest CHAZ Shooting

A socialist member of the Seattle City Council blamed capitalism for the latest shooting in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in a series of tweets Monday. Councilmember Kshama Sawant is a member of Socialist Alternative, a national political party that advocates for policies such as a $15 minimum wage. A 16-year-old died and a 14-year-old is still being treated ...

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‘Lawlessness’: Businesses, Residents From Within Seattle’s CHOP Sue City

Businesses, workers and residents sued the city of Seattle on Wednesday, saying local leadership enabled and endorsed the occupied zone at the detriment of “basic public safety.” At least a dozen businesses filed the class-action lawsuit, which came as a result of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP)’s continued proliferation in the city. “Rather than seeking to restore order and ...

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Seattle’s CHOP Worse Than The ‘Complete And Total Anarchy’ Of Occupy Wall Street, NY Police Union Exec Says

Vice president of Sergeants Benevolent Association Vincent Vallelong compared the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011 to the present-day Seattle occupation known as CHOP. He fears the Seattle occupation is far more grave than what he saw in 2011 in Manhattan and suggests Seattle PD is being stymied by local officials.  Vallelong said Seattle law enforcement missed a critical opportunity ...

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Insanity In Seattle – Ben Garrison Cartoon

President Trump threatened to quell the rebellion in Seattle and shut down what’s known as the ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” He must not do it. The Seattle Mayor and the Governor of Washington want him to intercede. It’s a trap. All violence will be blamed on Trump in order to dash his reelection bid. No, it would be better to let the ...

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