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Dem Rep Al Green: ‘The President Does Not Have to Commit a Crime to Be Impeached’

Donald Trump on Congressional Baseball Game

“The president does not have to commit a crime to be impeached,” said Representative Al Green (D-Texas.) on Friday. Appearing on Democracy Now, Green addressed the current environment of the nation saying “this is a very sad time in the history of our country.” Green appeared to give the president an ultimatum claiming the president will have two options either “resign” or ...

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Democrats start process to impeach Trump

Al Green

Two Democrats have begun drafting articles of impeachment against U.S. President Donald Trump using the firing of former FBI Director as a basis. Reps. Al Green (D-TX) and Brad Sherman (D-CA) announced their all-but-impossible mission on Wednesday saying that Comey’s termination is tantamount to obstruction of justice and therefore an impeachable offense. “The question really is whether the president can ...

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