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Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons from a Conservative Perspective

Big Tech Censorship – Ben Garrison Cartoon

President Trump needs to break up the leftist Silicon Valley social media monopolies. He should break up Amazon while he’s at it. The globalist billionaires running their monopolies claim they own platforms for communication. The moguls sometimes compare what they do to the phone companies. Those who operate the phone companies are not responsible for what callers say. OH wait…the ...

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Delusional Democrats – Tina Toon

Who You gonna believe? Your lyin’ eyes or the Democrats? Democrat Jerry Nadler recently claimed that Antifa violence was just a “myth”.  Is Nadless Nadler so out of touch with reality that fire bombs, statue toppling and entire downtowns engulfed in violence and riots don’t even register with him? Maybe. But maybe, it is because the Democrat party agrees with ...

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Elite Privilege – Tina Toon

Do as We say, Not as we do Elite Privilege. You are the “little brains” that the elite need to control and look after and make sure we lead the lives they have chosen for us. None of the rules apply to the elite. Do as I say, not as I do.. Fauci can scold and bully America into keeping ...

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Modern Science’s Witch Doctor – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Kicking out the Witch Doctors! Tanzania President John Magufuli, who holds a doctorate in chemistry, kicks the World Health Organization out of his country. Africa is waking up to the medical tyranny being imposed upon them by Bill Gates and his operatives. Tanzania’s president kicked out the World Health Organization after he set a trap for their COVID-19 testers. He ...

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Twitter Shake Down – Tina Toon

Twitter Bitcoin Bust- Tina Toon Yesterday, Twitter was under attack for hours as a “hacker” compromised high profile Twitter accounts with a message to send 1000 bitcoins to the posted bitcoin “wallet” and the account would send you 2000 bitcoins back in return.  A classic and sophisticated scam.  Many fell for the message as it was posted across big-name Twitter ...

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