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Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons from a Conservative Perspective

Al Sharpton Kiss The Ring – Ben Garrison Cartoon

You may now kiss the ring of Al Sharpton, the country’s biggest race-baiter.  The 2020 Democrats are all rushing to see who can be the most “woke”.  All of them publicly genuflected before Al Sharpton, his Majesty of race baiting and buffoonery. The National Action Network convention this week was just an opportunity for the radical 2020 Democrats to show ...

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Trump, Time For Some Offense – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Halftime is over and now it’s time to play Offense! President Trump has gone through almost three years of constant harassment by the Democrats and the Fake New media. Robert Mueller has released his report. The findings are No Collusion and no obstruction of justice.  The Fake News and the Democrats could not believe their ears, this report is what ...

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The Two-Faced Democrat Party – Ben Garrison Cartoon

The Two-Faced Democrat Party Sharia Law is a faith-based code of conduct for all Muslims. It’s estimated that there are 2 billion of them on planet, and that number is growing. Sharia Law is an inextricable part of their religion and it’s incompatible with western ideas of freedom. In some countries, the punishment meted out for more egregious violations of ...

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Like Father, Like Son – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Creepy Uncle Joe is well known for his fondling, cuddling, and hair sniffing. We’ve seen countless videos of him standing behind women and doing such things, but he gets away with it because he’s a Democrat with high status. More outrageously, we’ve also seen him shamelessly pawing little girls. He touches them, rearranges their hair, and tries to smooch on ...

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