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Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons from a Conservative Perspective

Gavin Newsom Must Go – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Recall Gavin Newsom- California is Waking Up! California governor Gavin Newsom just shut down California–again. His mandate closes malls, churches, restaurants, and many small businesses. Many businesses cannot withstand another protracted shut down and how did ‘King Gavin’ get to trample on the businesses and constitutional rights of Californians in the first place? How convenient that the shut downs are ...

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Corporate Cancel Culture – Ben Garrison Cartoon

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is all about Marxism. People are not allowed to amend the far-left slogan, “Black Lives Matter” and it’s endlessly repeated in all the blue cities. It’s painted in large letters on public thoroughfares. Trying to paint over such graffiti might get you arrested for ‘hate crime.’ If you dare say “All lives matter,” then you could ...

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Omar’s Hypocrisy – Tina Toon

Oh the hypocrisy! Democrats have no shame or morals and the Fake Noose Media will never call them out! But we will! Rep. Ilhan Omar called for the dismantling of not just our nation’s economy, but the entire political system. Add to that her support of “defunding the Police” and the “Breathe act” she is sponsoring along with the rest ...

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Big Wheels Keep On Turning – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Ghislaine Maxwell Didn’t Kill Herself Joe Biden has a problem and it’s not just his dementia. Ghislaine Maxwell could spill the beans on a great many Democrats as well as on a legion of left-leaning celebrities who support Joe. More scuffing added to Joe’s already tarnished image won’t help his presidential chances. Joe has long been seen as a pedophile ...

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