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U.S. and World Breaking news – CDN reports on the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court and issues of the day.

Obama gets thumbs up from U.N. council on Iran Deal

United Nations

In a unanimous vote today that surprised absolutely no one, the U.N. Security Council endorsed President Obama’s Iran nuclear weapons agreement even before Congress votes on the deal. While the President argues that the implementation of the deal won’t start for another 90 days, many in Congress believe Obama is bypassing the legislative branch of the government in order to guarantee a ...

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Why U.S. companies can’t find skilled workers

U.S. companies are reporting that they are increasingly struggling to find workers with the proper skills for the labor market, suggesting a serious problem with the American education system. The National Association for Business Economics’ latest business conditions survey showed that more than one-third of those polled reported that their companies were unable to find workers with appropriate skills. The ...

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Terrorist likely ISIS-inspired in Chattanooga attack

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez

Four U.S. Marines and a terrorist were killed this afternoon in Chattanooga, Tennessee during an attack on a military recruiting station and reserve military operation support center. At around 10:45am Thursday morning, a likely ISIS-inspired terrorist began an attack at the Armed Forces Career Center just off of Lee’s highway where several shots were fired but only a single superficial wound was reported. What we know: ...

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Obama: Congress will be to blame for nuclear Iran

Barack Obama upset

President Obama, in a press conference on Wednesday, again reinforced the false choice of a bad deal or war that is echoing through the media, but it’s Obama that put the world in this predicament. In the press conference, Obama once again said that the now finalized nuclear deal was the only good option because sanctions were about to unravel and ...

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The Nuclear Deal With Iran: A Preliminary Assessment

Iran cheats on nuclear deal

This morning, diplomats representing the US, the UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany concluded an agreement with Iran concerning that country’s illegal nuclear program. Those diplomats and their governments hail the deal as a historic achievement. Barack Obama will no doubt claim that this agreement will “permanently block” a pathway to nuclear weaponry for Iran. Such optimistic assessments are not ...

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Son of Police Captain arrested in suspected terror plot

ciccolo guns

U.S. Attorney’s office says they’ve arrested an Adams, MA man in connection with a terror plot. Alexander Ciccolo, a 23 year-old man also known as Ali Al Amriki, has so far only been charged with possession of firearms by a felon, but additional terrorism-related charges are expected. On July 4th, Ciccolo took possession of four firearms that he purchased from an ...

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Car bomb goes off near U.S. base in Afghanistan, fatalities reported

Camp Chapman suicide attack

Reports from Khost, Afghanistan have raised the number of fatalities to 25 in the aftermath of a suicide car bombing at a U.S. facility. Reports are coming in that the target of a suicide car bomb was forward operating base Chapman – the same facility where 7 CIA contractors and 2 others were killed in 2009 by a suicide bomber. Casualties in ...

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NO DEAL: EU Leaders want more from Greece before deciding fate


European leaders cancelled a summit meeting that was to be held Sunday to either discuss a deal to save Greece’s spot in the EU or to push it out of the union. Sunday was to be the final, final, final last deadline for Greece to either submit an acceptable proposal for a bail-out or to be cast-off from the European ...

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ISIS claims responsibility for explosion near Italian consulate in Cairo

Islamic State militants are claiming responsibility for a large explosion that rocked the Italian Consulate in Cairo, Egypt early this morning. At about 7am local time, a huge explosion killed one person and injured four others as it ripped the facade off of the consulate building and damaged underground water pipes. Sinai Province, an ISIL affiliate has since claimed responsibility ...

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Woman injured in Rhode Island beach explosion

Rhode Island explosion

A woman reportedly flew through the air and on to a pile of rocks after an explosion jettisoned her out of her chair on a Rhode Island beach Saturday. Witnesses report that an explosion “under the sand” sent the 50-year-old woman sailing through the air and onto some nearby rocks. She has been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The ...

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Stop the presses: Hillary goes anti-gun on the campaign trail

Hillary clinton

In two recent campaign speeches, Hillary shocked no one by announcing that she’ll be taking on the NRA and pushing to reduce gun rights – by talking about them. Most democratic candidates avoid discussing their anti-gun postures on the campaign trail as many rural democratic districts are heavily pro-gun. Taking the controversial stance places her to the left of Bernie ...

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Trouble in Mexico-Texas border town

Reynosa, texas

As much as the left would like us to believe that the border is secure, it is not. Texas is already a hot spot and it may be about to get hotter. According to an AP report, Members of a Mexican drug cartel have killed five members of a family in the Mexico/Texas border town of Reynosa, Mexico. The assailants ...

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All trading halted on New York Stock Exchange Floor, WSJ.com down

NYSE floor

Without announcement, all trading ceased on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as of 11:32am on Wednesday. While off-floor trading is still occurring, every listing on the NYSE board is currently showing “HALT” and/or “No Quotation.” The NYSE has released a statement stating that trading has halted due to a technology issue and that they are working to ...

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