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I am an Independent who is passionate about truth, fairness, integrity and this great country. I follow politics closely and like to call out the bull when I see it. I love sharing the actual facts with those who only watch one channel and are being played by the main-stream media. As an immigrant from the Netherlands who is now a citizen, I know what we have in America is worth protecting.

The Politicization of Global Warming and Climate Change: What every “Green New Deal” supporter should know

Corona Virus and climate change; what do they have in common?  They have emerged as some of the more pivotal issues in the 2020 Presidential race.  The Democratic platform is using both to highlight what they believe are two of the current Administration’s greatest failures.  According to the talking points, President Trump has killed thousands of people due to his ...

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How Politics and the Media Have Changed the Fabric of our Country: Review of the “Facts”

Media Bias - NY Times - NBC News - CNN - Washington Post - Huffington Post

When I think of countries where the media serves as a mouthpiece of the “State”, North Korea, China, Iran and Russia come to mind.   Under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to seek and receive accurate news and then express opinions.  According to Wikipedia, countries like these flout the standard by banning or ...

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