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Another Major Winter Storm Is Expected Just Days After Gia

Meteorologists expect two more storms to hit the Midwest and Northeast starting Wednesday, just days after Winter Storm Gia dumped more than a foot of snow over much of the same area. Winter Storm Gia swept through the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. Jan. 11-13, causing around 500 vehicle accidents in Missouri alone. The storm was a factor ...

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Despite Tariffs, American Farmers Still Support Trump

American farmers are sticking behind President Donald Trump despite a trade agenda that makes selling produce to foreign countries more difficult and less profitable, Bloomberg reported. The United States’s ongoing trade war with China is a primary concern for U.S. farmers that sell crops, especially soybeans, overseas. While Trump’s view on and use of tariffs are not popular in the ...

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Polish Mayor Dies Day After Being Stabbed At Children’s Charity Event

The mayor of city in Poland died Monday hours after suffering stab wounds to his heart and stomach, CNN reported. Gdansk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz was rushed to a hospital after a man rushed onstage of a charity event with a knife, allegedly stabbing the mayor. The suspect served time in prison for bank robbery. He blamed the mayor’s politics for ...

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California’s Largest Utility Plans Bankruptcy As CEO Makes For The Exit

Geisha Williams is stepping down as the CEO of PG&E Corp., the largest utility in the U.S., while potential liability over recent California wildfires drives the company into bankruptcy.Watch the latest video at foxnews.com PG&E announced Williams’s departure Sunday and its plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a day later. Investigators found that the power utility had caused 17 ...

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CNN Reports A Grisly Scene Near The Border Hours After Jim Acosta Took A Selfie Video Boasting Of Tranquility

Mexican authorities discovered five abandoned vehicles and at least 20 bodies at a rural location 56 miles west of McAllen, Texas, Wednesday, CNN reported. News of the discovery came just hours after CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta reported on the area’s apparent safety and tranquility. “We’re not seeing any kind of imminent danger. There are no migrants trying to ...

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Ford Is Slashing Jobs And Cutting Production But Not In The US

Ford Motor Company is overhauling its operations in Europe, potentially cutting thousands of jobs, closing factories and shutting down production of unprofitable vehicle models, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company’s reorganization comes as traditional car manufacturers struggle to clear new hurdles such as environmental policies against combustion engines and growing investment in electric vehicles. Troubled Brexit negotiations are also ...

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Man Learns A $10 Million Lesson After Telling Roommate About His Winning Lotto Scratcher

A California man nearly lost a $10 million winning lottery ticket after telling his roommates about it, enticing one to steal the ticket as its owner was sleeping. A man living in Vacaville, California, purchased a $30 scratch-off lottery ticket from a Lucky grocery store on Dec. 20. Beating the odds, the man’s ticket turned out to be a winner that ...

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A Rare Penny Was Found In A High Schooler’s Lunch Money In 1947. It May Be Worth $1.7 Million

A rare penny found by high schooler in 1947 may sell for as much as $1.7 million at auction after the then-teen who found it, Don Lutes Jr., died in September. The rare penny is one of about 15 copper coins that were accidentally minted by the Department of the Treasury in 1943. That year, the Treasury stopped using copper to mint ...

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Customers Are Paying Nearly 100% Of Seattle’s New Soda Tax, Study Says

Seattle soda drinkers are paying nearly every penny of a tax on sugary drinks that the city council put in place in January 2018, according to a new study. University of Washington researchers studied the effects of the soda tax on the prices of taxed and untaxed drinks at various types of stores. The study found that, on average, 97 percent ...

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New York City’s Minimum Wage Increase Is Crushing Small Businesses

New York City skyline

New York City hiked its minimum wage for the third time in three years on Jan. 1 and small business owners are struggling to adapt to the steadily increasing labor costs. New York City’s minimum wage rose to $15 an hour for all employers with more than 10 employees at the start of 2019. Small businesses have set about adapting ...

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Conservatives Give Congress Their Top Ten Energy Priorities In 2019

The free-market think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) released its conservative list of demands for policymakers on energy and environment issues in the 116th Congress Tuesday. CEI’s list contains ten policy goals to promote accessible and affordable energy by repealing and opposing burdensome regulations, encouraging fossil fuel energy development and cutting subsidies and other market-distorting programs in the energy industry. ...

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Starbucks Plans To Sell Mixed Drinks In Upscale Cafes; Faces Challenges From Within

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson is scaling back the vision of his predecessor to revamp the coffee chain’s sales and expansion goals through opening hundreds of high-end coffee shops, The Wall Street Journal reports. Starbucks founder and former CEO Howard Schultz envisioned opening 1,000 Starbucks Reserve cafés that would sell more-expensive coffee, cocktails and artisanal baked goods. Schultz also wanted to ...

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Federal Worker Union Sues Trump Over Shutdown

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) sued the Trump administration Monday for “essential” government employees being “forced” to work without pay. Many federal employees designated as “essential” personnel are working through the government shutdown but may miss regular paychecks until Congress and President Donald Trump agree on a spending package. The AFGE suit, brought on behalf of two federal ...

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Here Are Trump’s Largest ‘Energy Dominance’ Actions Of 2018

Donald Trump success

President Donald Trump has directed his administration to press for “energy dominance.” The Trump agenda has largely consisted of undoing environmental regulations put in place under the Obama administration and opening up federal land to energy production. Democrats and environmentalists have fought Trump’s energy agenda through Congress and the courts, but have not stopped significant wins for the administration. President ...

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Court Axes Obama’s Pro-Union ‘Joint Employer’ Rule

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that an Obama-era labor law that made businesses responsible for labor violations committed by contractors was too broad, Reuters reports. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled in 2015 that companies and franchisers with “indirect and direct control” of employees could be held liable for labor violations committed by contractors or franchisees. The D.C. ...

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