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Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

Good Grief: Al Gore Keeps Harping on How He Really WON the 2000 Election

Environmentally unfriendly gasbag Al Gore just won’t let it go. The former Vice President visited with HBO’s foul-mouthed liberal provocateur Bill Maher during the latest episode of the comic’s popular cable televsion show and continued to cry over the spilled milk of the 2000 election. Mr. Gore spent his time with Maher by bemoaning President Trump’s pulling out of the ...

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Indianapolis Colts 2017 Preview

It isn’t a reach to say that the NFL‘s Indianapolis Colts are at a crossroads. After miraculously advancing to the 2014 AFC Championship despite a badly flawed team where they were obliterated by the New England Patriots in the infamous “Deflategate” game, the Colts have missed the playoffs for two consecutive years now in what could be a prolonged nosedive. ...

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Company to Offer New York Women a Chance to Give $150 Vibrator a Free Test Drive

The same British company that last year sponsored a promotion for New York City men to relieve stress by offering them on-street masturbation booths has another product rollout planned for next weekend. The GuyFi marketing project caused a minor furor on the internet resulting in good publicity for the sex toy company. So much so that Hot Octopuss is welcoming ...

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Whining Liberals Blast ‘Death Wish’ Remake as Alt-Right Racist Propaganda

The remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson classic revenge flick “Death Wish” is already being decried by liberal snowflakes who claim that the movie represents racism, fascism and glorifies the Alt-Right. The contemporary version swaps out the grimy mean streets of New York City in the 1970’s in favor of crime-ridden Chicago where the body count from gang violence rises ...

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Senate Moves to Prevent Trump from Firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller

On Thursday, the rogue special counsel moved one step closer to the objective of ginning up “evidence” that would lead to President Donald Trump’s impeachment. Robert Mueller impaneled a Washington grand jury as the anti-Trump witch hunt moves closer to indictments of Trump associates and a basketful of bullshit that will finally stick to the man who is universally hated by ...

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Facebook Bans Conservative Artist Over This One Cartoon

The Facebook fascists are at it again and have reportedly issued a three-day ban to popular conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison over an epic portrayal of the treacherous, bloodthirsty and petty U.S. Senator John McCain. McCain is being treated as some sort of bipartisan political god after he flew into Washington last week, taking a break from brain cancer treatment to ...

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Top Five Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

Here we go pro football fans. The 2017 season kicks off tonight with the annual NFL Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. Keeping this in mind, the fantasy football scouting season is officially underway with drafts taking place beginning in the next few weeks. Conservative Daily News will be featuring news for ...

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Rogue Special Counsel Continues to Load Up With Partisan Hacks

Robert Mueller

Designated Deep State Trump slayer Robert Mueller continues to load his rapidly expanding fishing expedition into the president’s life with partisans that have records of being friendly to Democrats. The special counsel and best buddy of fired FBI Director James Comey continues to operate with impunity as the man who will finally nail President Trump with charges that result in ...

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