NFL Playoff Field Set, Wild Card Games Kick Off This Weekend

It has been a trying and tumultuous National Football League season during which the tolerance of fans has been severely tested by controversial national anthem protests and the NFL’s lackadaisical response to the kneelers.

For those who have been die-hard football fans like myself, this is a year to be forgotten because the NFL’s allowing of multimillionaire militants to throw public tantrums due to racial grievances with the “oppressive” system that made them rich has been a bit too much to swallow.

I have never watched less football than I did this year and the one game that I did tune into for the entire thing was the now infamous PittsburghNew England contest where the Steelers were robbed of what would be the winning touchdown by a reversal that came down from officials at NFL headquarters in New York.

It is important to remember that even before falling ratings, empty seats and boycotts brought on by militant Colin Kaepernick and his disciples that the NFL was having serious issues with the overturning of key calls – most involving the New England Patriots.

The calling back of the touchdown by Pittsburgh tight end Jesse James and subsequent nullification of a Buffalo Bills score against the same Patriots did nothing to dispel the suspicions of some who believe that the league puts a thumb on the scale in order to engineer the highest rated Super Bowl.

That being said, the playoff matchups have now been finalized and New England should just go ahead and book their tickets to Minneapolis for the title game because as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the Steelers cannot win in Foxborough – especially in January and the rest of the AFC field is as weak as it has been in quite sometime.

The real suspense remains as to which team will be their opponent.

The AFC seeds:

1: Patriots

2: Steelers

3: Jaguars

4: Chiefs

5: Titans

6: Bills

The Titans and Bills both return to the postseason after considerable hiatuses, in Buffalo’s case, it is the first time that they have made the playoffs in 17 years.

Wild Card weekend will be:

Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs: Saturday at 4:20 pm ET

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars: Sunday at 1:05 ET

The NFC seeds:

1: Eagles

2: Vikings

3: Rams

4: Saints

5: Panthers

6: Falcons

Wild Card weekend will be:

Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams: Saturday at 8:15 pm

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints: Sunday at 4:40 pm

Game analysis and predictions will be forthcoming at CDN Sports.

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