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A Police Woman Left Her Baby In The Car For A Booty Call With Her Supervisor. Now, She’s Pleaded Guilty To Manslaughter

A Mississippi police officer who left her three-year-old daughter strapped in a hot car so she could have sex with another cop pleaded guilty to manslaughter Monday. Former Mississippi Gulf Coast officer Cassie Barker left her daughter, Cheyenne, inside her patrol car for four hours on Sept. 30, 2016 after falling asleep, according to the Washington Post. Authorities say the infant’s ...

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Democrats Haven’t Given Up Hope Of Turning Texas Blue

Houston Texas City Skyline

Democratic presidential candidates flocked to South by Southwest in Texas to speak to young people and mobilize a portion of the electorate that sat out during the 2018 mid-term elections, according to the Wall Street Journal. “The one potential comparative advantage between now and the general election as Democrats is that we have a chance to build a grassroots army,” ...

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FDA Warns About Popular Makeup For Teens After Finding Asbestos

FDA logo

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report Tuesday, March 5, providing an updated assessment about a recall of toxic cosmetic products containing asbestos, sold by Claire’s and Justice retailers in late 2017. FDA officials became aware of the problem when Justice Stores, LLC recalled eight cosmetic products in Sept. 2017, and when Claire’s Stores Inc. withdrew eight of their ...

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‘He Took A Hard Punch In The Face For All Of Us’: Trump Brings Conservative Attacked At Berkeley On Stage

During President Donald Trump’s speech at CPAC on Saturday, he took a moment to recognize the discrimination conservative students face on college campuses. “I turn on my television the other day and I saw somebody that was violently punched in the face,” said Trump to his audience at CPAC. “The man’s name is Hayden Williams … Hayden come up here ...

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Candace Owens Says Conservatives Have Lost The Culture War

Candace Owens opened up day two at CPAC speaking about the left’s dominance in pop-culture and asking questions about minority politics that are rarely ever covered in the mainstream media. “If you want to have intellectual discussions and you want to have a debate there’s no place for you on the left,” Owens said. “In fact, they will actively try ...

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Vietnam Plans To Show North Korea Benefits Of Opening To US As Trump Arrives In Hanoi

While China has pushed for communist-based economic reforms in the East, Vietnam has chosen to approach the North Koreans at this weeks summit in Hanoi with a very different sentiment. The summit will play host to negotiations between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un regarding nuclear disarmament, which Un has indicated will only happen if American ...

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While Cities Tear Down Their Civil War Memorials, This Town Wants To Build One

At a time when the rest of the country is seeking to destroy commemorations of the Civil War, one small community in rural Maryland is attempting to conserve them. City council members in Taneytown, Maryland, excluding a single objector, have chosen to support the construction of a new Civil War memorial in hopes it will increase tourism revenue for their ...

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A Group Of Senators And Reps Got Together To Hash Out Their Plan For The Border. Here’s What They Came Up With

Lawmakers met in a bicameral committee conference Wednesday to hash out Homeland Security appropriations for fiscal year 2019, coming out even more assured that a strong law enforcement presence is necessary to prevent illegal immigration and drug trafficking after speaking with border patrol experts. Border patrol professionals spoke to committee members about challenges they face while guarding the southern border ...

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Remembering One Of NASA’s Greatest Tragedies, 33 Years Later

America’s space program suffered arguably one of the worst incidents in space history 33 years ago on Jan. 28, 1986 and it unfolded right in front of millions of school children. Teachers across the nation displayed the Challenger space shuttle launch in their classrooms for students to bear witness to NASA’s first ever Teacher in Space Project, in which Christa McAuliffe, ...

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Your Netflix Subscription Just Got More Expensive

The standard subscription plan at Netflix is seeing its largest price hike since inception, surging $2 from $11 to $13, which will affect approximately 58 million subscribers across the U.S., The Associated Press reported. This is bad news for subscribers but great news for shareholders as the company’s stock rose 6.2 percent to $353 a share following the announcement on ...

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