Of ‘Convicted Felons’ and Lying Frauds

Last week, a New York City jury, prompted by the legal coordination between Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan — both partisan actors — convicted Donald Trump on 34 felony counts having to do with falsification of business records. Or election fraud. Or more tax issues. Or … something. Nobody really knows, and apparently it was unnecessary for the jury to agree on the crime in order to find Trump guilty of one.

No matter.

Trump was convicted and may now face jail time. We’ll find out on July 11 — just a few days before the Republican National Convention. Obviously, this represents opportune timing for the Biden campaign. And yet Donald Trump remains firmly knotted with Biden in the race for the White House. There have been four polls taken since Trump’s conviction. In all of them, Biden and Trump are either tied or within two points either way.

But how? The question echoes throughout the media: How can a convicted felon be running even with the incumbent president? The answer is twofold: First, Joe Biden is a truly awful president; second, Biden has no ground to stand on in labeling Trump a threat to law and order.

First, Biden’s terrible record. Americans have been slammed by inflation for three years. Our social fabric has continued to decay as Biden openly seeks “equity” — meaning discriminatory legal regimens designed at rectifying group disparities — in every area of the federal government. On the foreign front, Biden has hamstrung Ukraine in its defense against Russia, and openly manipulated on behalf of Iran and Hamas in Israel’s war against the terror group that performed Oct. 7. It is difficult to see an area of the world that is markedly better off since Biden took the White House.

Second, Biden’s hypocrisy. In the aftermath of the Trump conviction, Trump naturally condemned the justice system that targeted him. Biden then responded by doubling down on his narrative that Trump’s pushback represents a threat to Our Democracy and Our Institutions: On Friday, Biden staggered out to the podium to claim that “the American principle that no one is above the law was reaffirmed.” He added that it was “dangerous” and “irresponsible for anyone to say this was rigged just because they don’t like the verdict.”

The problem is this: Biden as Defender of Our Democracy and Our Institutions just doesn’t play. This is the same president who tried to use his Occupational Safety and Health Administration to illegally cram down vaccines on 80 million Americans; who attempted, in defiance of law, to relieve student loan debt — and then bragged about defying the Supreme Court; whose DOJ even let him off the hook for mishandling of classified material by calling him a dotard. Biden’s party has spent years tut-tutting massive riots, appeasing pro-terrorist student trespassers and calling for an end to parental autonomy. There isn’t an institution in the country Biden hasn’t weakened. To hear Biden rail against Trump for undermining institutions, then, simply won’t play. But Biden doesn’t have much left in the playbook.

All of which means that Trump still — still — has the upper hand. Ironically, Trump being sent to jail might actually help him, given that most Americans will correctly see the jailing of Biden’s chief political opponent as an act of vicious partisanship unworthy of the most powerful republic in world history. In 2020, Biden ran on the platform of stability and normalcy; he has exploded both. All he’s left with is slogans about Orange Hitler. And that’s unlikely to be enough come November if gas prices are high, groceries cost too much and the world remains aflame.

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Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro, 37, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show," and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers "How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps," "The Right Side Of History," and "Bullies."

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  1. Your ability to subvert the facts to fit your narrative is still very impressive.
    How exactly did a state AG and judge bow to the Biden administration, why is it that many of the witnesses in the case where former associates of Trump and juniors where accepted or rejected by both side yet all still found him guilty. You may not be clear on the charges were because there were 34.
    Could be Biden as well as Pence, whom everyone seems to forget about, had no charges because there was no chargeable crime. As to inflation that, as I’m sure you are aware, in part is the remnants of the mishandling of Covid, and the price gouging of monopolized industry which still runs unchecked. In particular big oil, which have recorded their heights profit quarters over the past few years, and by the way every product on the shelf is shipped by a petroleum burning piece of equipment.
    It’s also a terrible thing that Biden is attempting to add americas youth to be educated and attempt to make a life without never ending debit, some are able to afford the process which I believe you fit in that category.
    You say Biden defends pro Hamas and funds Ukrain? If the first were even close to factual ALL funding to isreal to slaughter civilians would have stopped. You can twist the facts of this war however you wish it doesn’t change the reality. And last I checked we still have a freedom of opinion and speech legally allowing people to speak out against injustice. Question I have is why is isreal so afraid of criticism? Why do we need legislation to criminalize speaking out against isreali actions.
    I know of your strong religious beliefs and they are admirable, you are obviously intelligent, why is it you can’t see the atrocities being committed with an unbiased eye. Was Hamas wrong ,yes. Were they motivated by more than religious zealous absolutely.

  2. Trump was entitled to a jury of his peers, not a kangaroo court comprised of 12 Demwits and a third world judge. The major drawn out mishandling of Covid was perpetrated by Fauci and the Biden-Harris regime. These same do not believe in a country’s right to protect their sovereignty as witnessed by their infamous denial and failure to protect border integrity. Netanyahu does. He believes in Israel’s very right to exist. Many agree with him. The Arab nations already control 99% of the land mass in that region, yet blatantly chant: “From the River to the Sea”. Hamas drew first blood. Period.
    Rich – a donk, lecturing on freedom of speech rights after muzzling any who disagreed with their inane, progressive radical narratives. Big of you, Kennedy to virtue signal that Hamas was wrong!! The rest of your commentary is a badly written, largely incomprehensible, word salad. Kennedy, please write in standard English. Clarity in writing can render clarity of thought.

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