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A Hundred Billion Doesn’t Buy What It Used To

Last week should have been a coming together of the world in Normandy to pay homage to the brave men and women who stormed the beaches and fell from the sky 80 years ago to begin the end of the German plan to dominate the globe. Very few of our Greatest Generation are still with us, and there may not be any when we mark the 85th anniversary. These brave heroes, many of them pushing or already passed the century mark, traveled to Normandy to say goodbye to their fallen brothers buried at what is now a sacred place. Unfortunately, these men are probably still haunted in their sleep by visions of the day the ocean in France turned red with American blood. These days of remembrance, sorrow, and joy should have been all about them, but politics has a way of injecting itself into any moment.

President Biden was in Normandy to mark the day, and unfortunately, he looked as old and feeble as the survivors being celebrated. Volodymyr Zelenskyy was also there, and his hand was out for more of America’s money to fund the never-ending battle between Ukraine and Russia. He looked into Joe Biden’s aviators without batting an eye and asked for a cool hundred billion. Since the Biden Family and the DNC are getting kickbacks from every dollar sent to Ukraine, Joe looked at Volodymyr and said is that all you need?

We have had no accountability for where Ukraine spends our money. But this is the first time Biden has made stipulations regarding the donation. -None of the weapons or arms can be used for offensive measures within the Russian boundary. Biden’s commitment to Ukraine is for defensive measures only, or the money stops. This policy change is consistent with Biden’s pressure and restrictions on Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel.

It is as difficult to determine the amount of funds pledged to Ukraine as it is to ascertain how Ukraine spends our money. Since 2022, nearly $100 billion has been given to Ukraine through bills passed through Congress. Joe Biden has also executed 54 drawdowns

The USAI is a Defense Department-led program focused on increasing Ukraine’s defenses against Russian aggression through military training, equipment, and intelligence support. The USAI has allocated approximately $18.9 billion for Ukraine since Russia’s February 2022 invasion.

While the data below represents most of the security assistance sent to Ukraine, only some transactions are publicly available, meaning some funds are unaccounted for.

The bottom line is we have sent billions of dollars with no idea when this conflict will end. Then, Ukraine will be looking for funds to rebuild a war-torn country. There also have been no reports of Biden trying to get Putin and Zelenskyy to a negotiation table. These two countries are in a stalemate, with Russia wanting to get Ukraine back into Russia and Ukraine fighting for its freedom. Military personnel and civilians on both sides continue to suffer injury or death, and Ukraine is incurring damage to its countryside daily. The longer this conflict goes, the more will need to be rebuilt. Before another dollar of American money is pledged to Ukraine, we need an accounting of where our money has gone and when the two sides will sit and end this fruitless battle.

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