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Biden’s Two-State Solution For Israel Is Michigan And Nevada


A mere six months ago, President Biden declared “I am a Zionist” and pledged his iron-clad support for Israel. In the wake of the worst attack on the Jewish state since its founding in 1948, the political winds seemed with Israel at the time, so the American commander-in-chief was more than happy to follow along.

Now America’s rudderless president is on a new Middle East course. This week the White House announced that Biden demanded an immediate Israeli ceasefire in its war against the perpetrators of the October 7th attacks.

Blame it on Biden seeking a two-state solution: Michigan and Nevada.

Progressives in those swing states are outraged that Israel is prosecuting a just war of self-defense. Why? Because innocent civilians are dying.

Their outrage ignores Hamas’ cowardly tactics of hiding among civilians and civilian infrastructure. Never mind that Hamas prided itself on raping Jewish women and joyfully paraded their broken, bloodied bodies as a symbol of Palestinian pride. Never mind entire Jewish families were burned alive in their homes on a per-capita scale that dwarfed America’s 9-11. They seem to forget that Hamas continues to hold hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians, along with Americans, captive.

The blind religion of today’s modern American progressive deems strength immoral and whiteness a sin. Likewise, industry and wealth are the products of a corrupt patriarchy, and therefore unjust. Despite the fact that 20 percent of Israelis are of Arab descent, to progressive thinking, Israel’s strength, prosperity, and whiteness make them oppressive occupiers of territory they’ve inhabited since the days of Moses.

This depraved and ignorant thinking is scrambling traditional political boundaries. undermining America’s most loyal ally in the Middle East and threatening to rot the very foundation of Western civilization.

Israel is guilty of breaking the first law of warfare: surprise. The Israeli Defense Forces send warnings of impending attacks up to weeks in advance of offensive actions. To anyone who has studied the art of war and military science, Israel’s humanitarian desire to save innocent life by projecting future attacks defies all of recorded history’s teachings on the subject. Never has any army worked so hard to avoid civilian casualties.

The armchair generals who have never been to war naively believe modern states can conduct “civilized” conflicts, where military intelligence and precision weapons can prevent bloodshed. This is a fairy tale. War is bloody, innocent people die, and the worst cruelties of mankind take place. There is a reason that up to 1/3 of Americans who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan struggle with PTSD today. No war is nice.

Biden’s policy team thinks otherwise. They’ve attempted to blunt Prime Minister Netanyahu’s vow, “We will cripple [Hamas] mercilessly and avenge this black day they have brought upon Israel and its citizens.” On March 7, the president ordered the U.S. military to set up a temporary aid port off the coast of Gaza. On March 25, the Biden administration refused to veto the United Nations resolution demanding a cease fire. Then, on a phone call with Netanyahu on Thursday, Biden demanded an immediate cease fire. Like Biden’s other foreign-policy disasters with Afghanistan, Iran, and Ukraine, the president’s ultimatum to Israel is a recipe to prolong the conflict.

According to John Kirby, the White House National Security Council spokesman, the president was rattled by the mistaken Israeli strikes on the World Central Kitchen aid convoy, which killed seven aid workers. The convoy was sponsored by chef José Andrés, who subsequently accused Israel of “starving an entire population.” The very presence of Andrés’ workers belies that notion, but it’s hard to blame the chef for perpetuating the same “nice war” myth as President Biden and his senior-most cabinet members.

Fortunately, American voters are smarter than their feeble leader.  A February Harvard-Harris poll revealed tremendous U.S. support for Israel at 82 percent. Sixty-seven percent expressed that a ceasefire should only take place if all the hostages are released and Hamas is taken out of power.

Congress and Israel’s prime minister would be wise to continue to ignore the president.

Morgan Murphy is a former DoD press secretary, national security advisor in the U.S. Senate, a veteran of Afghanistan.

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