Letitia James Is An Evil, Dangerous Person

We have gotten to know New York Attorney General Letitia James very well, watching her sit in the courtroom of the Donald Trump trial. That was not a good thing for her or us. Listening to her prepared comments to the press and seeing her smug look as she looked on with glee was not a pleasant view into the depths of Letitia James. She had been obsessed with bringing down Donald Trump since before she began her campaign for AG. Now that she has his scalp in her bag, she must turn her attention to the rest of the state, which may not fare well for the good people of New York.

James can not be more Progressive, which does not match the more Conservative New Yorkers outside of New York City. New York is like many of our states where the Progressives gather in the metropolitan urban areas, leaving the burbs for the more Conservative. Letitia’s decisions for Manhattan will not be received with the same zeal in the Finger Lakes region. This week, she is inserting herself in another hot-button situation.

New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) on Friday demanded that a Nassau County official immediately repeal an executive order restricting the ability of transgender women and girls to participate in athletic events at county-run facilities, arguing it is “”in clear violation”” of state law.

The news has been filled of late with young female athletes injured by transgender women (men) who are much taller, bigger, and definitely stronger than their female opponents. Last week in Massachusetts, a trans woman injured three females on the opposing team in just the first half of a high school basketball game. After the third injury, the coach of the all-female team pulled his team and forfeited the game. He did the right thing to keep his players safe from injury.

In the New York scenario, the Nassau County official made the correct decision based on protecting the vulnerable young women of the county. That decision does not align with the Progressive, Woke Attorney General, and she is insisting on rolling back any decision that interferes with the wishes of Transgender athletes.

“The law is perfectly clear: you cannot discriminate against a person because of their gender identity or expression. We have no room for hate or bigotry in New York,” James said in a statement , referring to an executive order issued last week by Nassau County executive Bruce Blakeman. Blakeman’s order, which prohibits athletic events that allow transgender girls to participate in accordance with their gender identity from being held at county-run facilities, is “”transphobic and blatantly illegal,”” James said.

The Trump case was targeted and politically motivated. She has hurt Trump and the Trump Brand, but she has damaged New York even more. Companies were already hindered to set up operations in New York with its high tax rates and mounting regulations. Seeing how the NY government has been weaponized at will against someone with opposing views will have entrepreneurs and investors alike looking to Tennessee, Texas, or Florida.

Her edict on Transgender rights will set back Title 9 decades. People on the Left, like Letitia James, are seizing the opportunity to implement their evil and dangerous policies before the pendulum swings back to the Right.

Content syndicated from Conservative View from New Hampshire with permission

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