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Katie Britt Understands America

I Am glad I stayed up past the Joe Biden Show to get a breath of fresh air and reality. Katie Britt (R-AL) is on the other side of the political spectrum and life from Joe Biden. Britt is the youngest member of the Senate, at just 40 years old, which means she was not yet born when Joe Biden started his career in Washington. Biden likes to say he has had a career of service, but really, it has been a lifetime of being served by America and the world. On the other hand, Britt has been building a family and life with her two children, and the future of children gave her the impetus to run for a Senate seat. Her real world experience gives her the right to say this about our President: “Joe Biden has failed.”

The game plan by his keepers to keep Biden engaged and focused was to unleash his anger. He came across as an angry old man reaching out to place blame on his “predecessor,” he refused to call out Trump by name and all Republicans for standing in the way of Biden’s plan to rebuild America. He threw out stats and numbers, which sound impressive and will keep the fact-checkers busy today. The speech was a false look at the State of the Union and more of a campaign stump speech. It was full of exaggerated claims of his successes and promises for his second term. Like many, I watched not for Biden’s message but to see if he could survive the night. He survived but put a sledgehammer to the wedge he was driving to divide this country like never before.

Katie Britt is not a career politician. The first female senator from Alabama, she took office in 2023. Britt was speaking from her heart as a wife, mother, and then senator, so it had a different tone than that of an angry old man. She is an attorney, but this is her first time in the national spotlight. Some critics say she was overcoached. I sensed she spoke from the same fear and trepidation that most Americans find themselves. We know what our lives were like three years ago, and that is what we want to return to. That is not turning back the clock, as Biden claims. That means getting us back to a prosperous country that had secure borders, was energy independent, and the WOKE were not trying to modify the gender of our children. What we have today is the regressive country of a progressive party. That sounds like a play on words, but progressives are hell-bent on taking us down, not getting us to a better place.

Biden keyed on abortion and insulted the Supreme Court justices in attendance by claiming he would bring back Roe v Wade that they returned to the states. He also rubbed student loan forgiveness in the justices’ faces as he went behind their backs to creatively do what the Court ruled unconstitutional. He stayed away from the border crisis.

Unlike Biden, Britt took on the border as key to her speech. Illegal immigration may be a joke line on MSNBC and irrelevant to Biden but not to the majority of Americans. Biden could stop the illegal flow of humanity across our border the same way he opened the gates, and that is by executive order. He is not because he does not want to. Britt knows how the millions breaking into our country through the back door make us less safe. This impact does not bother Biden or the Democrats because they want these people as part of their plan, and every negative is collateral damage.

The 2024 edition of the State of the Union was not a good look for America. Take Biden out of the conversation. When a president takes the podium in front of the other two branches of government and takes shots at both, it sends a message of a breakdown in our system, which equates to weakness. If Biden wants to attack Trump, then debate him. Take the same meds you did last night and good luck. If you’re going to attack the men and women in the black robes, get your facts straight and then bite your tongue. These people are not your subordinates; they are your equals and deserve respect. That obviously is a concept you have a problem with. You threw down the gloves last night. You are in no way ready for Donald Trump to answer the bell.

Content syndicated from Conservative View from New Hampshire with permission

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Ray Cardello

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