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The Candidates Travel To The Border

On Thursday, the Secret Service is poised for a busy day in Texas as President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will visit the southern border. Where the two men will view the border crisis tells a story. Trump plans to go to Eagle Pass, which is one of the busiest spots on the border for illegal crossings. The Joe Biden team has chosen Brownsville, which, unlike Eagle Pass, is one of the calmest border crossing locations. Trump announced his visit over two weeks ago while Biden announced his trip this weekend. Brownsville sees about 150 entries daily, while Eagle Pass sees thousands. Biden would never go to a hot spot in Texas that is being overrun by illegals at his invitation.

Mr. Biden plans to meet with Border Patrol, law enforcement, and local officials, according to Karine Jean-Pierre, Mr. Biden’s press secretary. On Monday, Mr. Biden did not directly answer a reporter’s question about whether he would meet with migrants. The Border Patrol Union on Monday ridiculed President Biden’s planned visit to the border this week as a cynical ploy to save his presidency at the expense of Americans’ safety. The union argued that “there would be no point in visiting the border now” if the President’s assertions that he has done everything he can to secure the border were true.

That Joe Biden is finally going to the border, and on the same day as his probable opponent, indicates how critical the border, the border crisis, and immigration reform will be in the upcoming election. Biden is in a problematic position admitting the crisis at the border after gaslighting the country for three years that the border was secure and closed. The only people who believed this version of the story got their news solely via the mainstream media. With over 7 million illegal entries into our country during Biden’s term, the real story is now exposed to all.

Biden making the trip is a sign his campaign sees the election slipping away. The polls favor Trump in the general election for the first time and in all critical swing states that will probably determine the winner in November. The cries from Democrats that Biden is unfit grow louder each day. The recent killing of a University of Georgia grad, supposedly by an illegal migrant, is exasperating the border issue for Biden. Many are saying the death of Laken Hope Riley is a direct result of Biden’s policy on illegal migrants, and they are holding him responsible.

The announcement came over the weekend as reporters questioned Biden. The President was licking an ice cream cone while he joked about his trip on the same day as his good friend (Trump) and also hinting at a possible ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as soon as this weekend. The scene in an ice cream shop was surreal for the President to address such weighty topics. During an interview yesterday, Netanyahu said Israel and Hamas are not close on a deal.

The unique Biden accomplishment is he has convinced America we need a wall. For the first time, polls show that 53% of Americans now favor the construction of a border wall between America and Mexico. It took every state to become a border state, with busloads of illegals sent to every lower state in the country. Hopefully, Biden has scoped out a good ice cream shop for the visit.

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  1. BIDEN!, Has done everything possible to destroy our border security….NOT everything he could have done to stop his insanity of hating Trump, Trump, Trump! Let the country down, ran it into ruin, and a 3rd world for us to live in, because of Trump hatred! This, actually is all Demo-rat politicians!

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