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How Far Will Ilhan Omar Push Us

The politicians who run for and take office at any level and have a focused agenda for who they represent need to be targeted for replacement. Politicians may have a Party affiliation, but once in office, they represent every person in their town, district, county, or state. They may have a philosophy that leans Left or Right, but they cannot represent just a subset of their constituents. Over the last decade, we have seen politicians who have an agenda to represent LBGTQ, Trans people, or certain minority groups, and that is wrong. We see politicians who hold onto the belief they need to represent only Black or Brown people. That is tantamount to me winning a government position and only representing Senior, Italian, and Heterosexual Males. It is wrong, and we must call out politicians who do this.

Ilhan Omar has been the subject of many of my articles, and not because of her good policies that have enhanced the lives of her constituents in Minneapolis. Omar is a member in good standing of the Squad and goes out of her way to show how radical her beliefs can be. A refugee brought to America with her family to escape the civil war in Somalia, Omar has never shown gratitude to her new host country. She is now a woman who has achieved what few women have: a seat in the United States Congress. Let’s stipulate one fact, and that is Ilhan Omar hates America and Americans. She went too far recently with that angst.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has begun the process of censuring Ilhan Omar. Greene’s move comes in response to Omar’s alleged admission of acting as a foreign agent for another country.

The Daily Caller has procured a copy of the resolution, which is set to be introduced following a controversial speech by Omar. In her address, Omar purportedly stated that her primary responsibility as a Congress member is safeguarding Somali interests. This statement, delivered to Somali leaders in Minnesota on January 27, has drawn significant backlash from her Republican counterparts. This lack of respect for America should not only anger and disgust Republicans but every American who has pledged their allegiance to our country that has given us, and Ilhan Omar, so much. Her comments were not just to assuage and patronize the people she addressed. This is what she believes in her gut.

Numerous incidents should have triggered ethics investigations during her short time in America and Congress. There is evidence of immigration fraud, marrying her biological brother, and campaign finance violations. She continues to get complete support from the Party’s Radical wing and cover from Party leadership.

We have a video of the illegal migrants who assaulted two New York City Police officers and were released without bail. Two of these criminals were then seen giving the camera and all Americans the “double-bird.” These illegals have left New York for the sanctuary and safety of California. They will blend into the masses and never return to New York to face the consequences of their actions. Ilhan Omar has thrown us the “double bird” too, and because of her gender, color, and nationality, she will never face the fiddler, either. The sad thing is that because of the government saturating the area around Minneapolis with Somali immigrants, Omar is assured of a long career in Congress.

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