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Adolph Hitler May Have Been The Essence Of Evil, But At Least He Wasn’t A Traitor To His Own Nation, Like Joe Biden Is To Ours

Whatever one feels about the Socialist/Nazi dictator, Adolph Hitler, he never sold out his own nation, as Joseph Biden is doing to America. As history progressed during and following Hitler’s dictatorial rule, Germany ended up a bombed-out shell of a nation torn apart by the Allies in World War II, but a shining Germany dominating the entire world was his intent, and he wanted all non-Germans kept out of Germany so as to not weaken the misguided state he wanted to build.

All of the policies of our Joey are designed to take our powerful, wealthy, successful and largely happy America apart at the seams by allowing the invasion of our nation by millions of uninvited persons from all over the world, in line with Barack Obama’s proclaimed Fundamental Transformation Of America, and the theories of Cloward and Piven, which schemes are already on the way to bankrupting America as millions of foreigners enter our nation, and we have no idea what evil they may be planning for us once they get here and get comfortably settled.

Our cities are being destroyed and the daily lives of American citizens are being dramatically disrupted as the invaders occupy our airports, our bus stations, our schools, our hospitals, privately owned hotels, and very likely, they will soon be occupying our private homes as the idiot Joey becomes desperate for pleasant places for these invaders to live, and begins to implement the final phase of the “sanctuary” scheme that the Democrat party has been self-righteously blathering about these last ten or so years. And don’t doubt for a moment that Joey’s autocratic government will use the full force of the government to get these uninvited invaders the pleasant life-style he has in mind for them, and never mind the misery it may cause for American citizens, in their wealth and their property.

One can point to many other reasons to fear the future that Obama/Biden have set for America, like Joey’s forced, dictatorial masking and vaccinations; his never-ending lies about the non-existent, non-event of warming/change; his shutting down of pipelines and drilling that America needs for the discovery and refining of energy products; his push to force everyone into the horrid EVs; his jailing of parents who express themselves in school board meetings; his undemocratic persecution of Donald Trump in order to keep Trump from running against the mush-minded Biden in 2024; his intention to bury free speech with his continued insistence on controlling misinformation/ disinformation by using a campaign that will crush and silence anyone who opposes any of Biden‘s far left, Socialist opinions. But Joey’s intentional destruction of America via the massive invasion of our nation by foreigners is something even the evil Hitler would not have done to Germany.

Then in just the last couple of days we’ve seen the result of Biden’s weak presidency and his suck-up relation to Iran. After over 160 un-responded-to attacks on American forces in the Middle East, we have three soldiers dead and many seriously wounded in an attack by Iran-backed militia groups in Jordan. But Joey and his Defense Secretary have been mostly silent on the issue and have only said that they are really, really miffed at Iran for the attack, and Joey may actually retaliate like a big-boy at a later date, and he made his anger clear by telling the Mullahs to “don’t, don’t” do that again. With the pussy Joey in the White House, war in the Middle East can’t be far away, and the Biden administration may wait to make their retaliatory blow until after Iran has fully developed their nuclear weapons program, along with a delivery vehicle to reach Israel and the United States, and then the consequences will be beyond our comprehension.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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