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What Will We Do With Maine When The Democrats Are Done

Maine is a vast and beautiful state. From its rocky coast to its wooded core sprinkled with lakes and ponds. From its quaint fishing ports to its mountains and ski areas. From its majestic finger region to the remote northern border. Maine is a beautiful and proud state. The good people of Maine are hard workers who have had difficulty adjusting to the loss of a vital paper industry and an attack on the number two industry in the state, the lobster industry. Maine’s vastness, lack of infrastructure, and high tax structure do not make it attractive to new industries. Outside of the cities of Portland and Augusta, the level of unemployment and poverty is far above average and stifles the quest for the American Dream for far too many Mainers. The Liberal leadership of the Maine Government does not have an urgency to address the plight of these disenfranchised Mainers. Still, it seems to be overly concerned with Abortion Rights, Mandates for conversion to electric vehicles, the growing marijuana industry, protecting the Chinese Cartel, and the suppression of voter rights by omitting the Former President from the 2024 ballot. We love Maine, and my partner and I call it our second home, but it is regrettable watching the destruction of Maine.

Maine also has a history as a magnate for groups of immigrants who have come to America from far reaches of the globe. The Catholic Church, which is one of the most prominent NGOs used by the federal government to distribute immigrants, targeted the Lewiston area as a new home for people who escaped Somalia decades ago when that country was at civil war. That influx of immigrants changed the demographics of Lewiston forever, and most agree the quality of life did not improve from that scenario. The school system, housing, and social benefit programs have been taxed since. The story is repeating itself. As Maine, like all of America, is working to recover from the Pandemic, it is now the destination of thousands of illegal immigrants who have crossed our Southern Border. These people come from over 150 countries, have no sponsors in Maine, have introduced many languages to the state, and are creating a housing dilemma. Hotels and civic auditoriums are used for emergency shelters but are inadequate for long-term use. So towns are getting creative to meet the need.

The town of Brunswick unveiled a new solution yesterday that is a slap on the face for Mainers trying to make ends meet, especially in this era of high inflation. Chloe Teboe, the Newscenter Maine Weekend Host, reported that 60 units of affordable housing had been completed on the property of the former Naval Air Station in Brunswick. These units will be used to transition immigrants from shelters as they integrate into Maine society. Rent will be paid for these units by the Maine Housing Authority for up to two years, but there are provisions for an extension if needed. The plan is for these units to be rented by these immigrants in the future.

As of 2023, there were over 4,200 homeless people in Maine, and nearly seven percent of Portland’s students are homeless. Nearly one third of Portland’s students do not speak English, but illegal immigrants are now getting free housing on Mainer’s dime. It makes you question who will drive the next nail into Maine’s coffin.

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Ray Cardello

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  1. The …Liberal?? No Leftist leadership of the Maine Government betrayed it’s citizens.

    Obama targeted the Lewiston area as a new home for people who escaped Somalia decades ago.

    All done without voter approval.

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